How to clear your year end budget in 8 ways!

We’re in the last quarter of the business year and for some of us, we probably have some budget leftover which we can clear.

The burning question is how and what you can spend that leftover budget.

Now you can either go with the practical route or the more.. absurd route when it comes to clearing out your office budget. 

But let’s start with the more practical ways of clearing your budget. By practical, we’re referring to products or services that can help your office operate smoothly for the following year.


1) Software

Renewing software or licenses for the use of the following year is a great way to make sure to your tech gadgets are fully functioning for the upcoming business year.

Software can get a little expensive, but treat it as a one-time investment and a technological infrastructure that allows you to work smoothly in the upcoming year.

2) Furniture

Is your office environment in need of a little face lift? Replacing your furniture may do the trick. Upgrading your furniture is not limited to making your office more visually pleasing.

New furniture serves a safety and ergonomic purpose. With everyday usage for long hours at work, your tables and chairs are easily exposed to wear and tear. Sitting on comfortable furniture fosters good posture which is important due to all the time we spend at our desks.

3) Food

If you’ve been consistent with the budget you’ve set aside for your office’s pantry you might want to consider using the balance of your 2018 budget for some additional pantry items.

Whether its something you would like to indulge in like extra snacks you’ve been dying to see in your pantry or purchasing additional staple items to keep some extra stock for the following year.

Did you know you can lock in pantry prices for up to three months with subscriptions? Plan ahead for the new year and start it on the right foot by having a well-equipped pantry.

4) Year end party

Happy executives celebrating their colleagues birthday in office

There’s plenty to celebrate at the end of the year. It could be your office’s Deepavali or Christmas party, New Year’s or a special year-end dinner to celebration your company’s achievements and appreciate your co-workers.

Already planning your year end office party and looking for ways to elevate it? You can check out some ideas here.

Now that the we’ve talked about the more practical ways of clearing out your office budget at the end of the year, we asked the Supplycart family this question:

“Imagine if you had control over the office budget…”

Here’s what our team wishes they could use the leftover office budget on 


1) Ice cream day

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream, including the Supplycart team.  If we could splurge on food at the Supplycart office, ice cream will be at the top of the list.

Setting aside some year end budget and some tea time with ice cream is an ideal way to cool off from a stressful day.

What’s your ice cream preference? Popsicles, soft serves, classics that you’d usually buy from your nearby kedai runcit or packed pints with your favourite flavors? Let us know how we can help get those to your office fridge for your team to have a sweet treat!

2) Whacky furniture

Two of the most coveted items in terms of furniture in our wish list would be sleeping pods and a swing.

While we doubt those items will get the green light from management and finance, we still daydream about having them. 

Sleeping pods will be ideal to recharge after the post-lunch slumps and a swing will be a cozy little space to get into the zone of your task at work.

Since sleeping pods and a swing will not be apart of our office any time soon, there are plenty of other ways to recharging in the workplace. Coffee never fails for a little pick me up to recharge and as for coziness, the addition of bean bags and a couch might do the trick.

3) Spa day

All those long hours at your work desk can put a strain on your body, especially your back! 

We hope one of these days we can treat ourselves to a nice massage or even hire an in-house masseuse for a day to unwind.

That may not happen immediately so as for now we’ll just stick to some office yoga.

4) Trip to Disneyland

We wish we could make our Disneyland fantasy a reality by taking a trip to the happiest place on earth.

This will probably be a long-term wishlist that probably be realised in the year 2020-something. But for now, we shall go for adventures within Malaysia.

Here’s a little throwback of our townhall from a couple of months back to the Lost World of Tambun. We had a great time there, here’s to hoping we can make our Disneyland trip someday!

Put your leftover office budget to good use by improving your office environment and taking care of co-workers.

Browse what you can use your additional budget on here:

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