What Is Guided Buying and Why Does It Matter?

So you’ve met the right supplier and sat through price negotiation meetings which resulted in a contract pricing agreement. How do you translate your contract pricing efforts into actions that bring better savings, compliance and drive the right policies?

The answer is through guided buying.

What is guided buying?

Guided buying is one of the easiest ways to direct users to the right policies and preferred vendors. Most guided buying experiences are done through internal catalogues which include contract priced items.

What are the benefits of guided buying?

Implementing guided buying benefits both users and procurement functions.

Guided buying benefits for procurement

Guided buying steers users to the right products and services and route requests to appropriate buying channels all while ensuring the compliance of procurement policies.

Through internal catalogues that are populated with preferred vendors and contract priced items, procurement departments are able to improve cost controls and save time.

Requisitions that come through the guided buying experience facilitate faster approvals and eliminates any unnecessary manual touchpoints. 

This helps procurement teams to direct their focus on more value-add activities such as direct procurement strategy and in developing supplier relationships.

Guided buying benefits for users

The main benefit for users come from a user experience standpoint. Through dedicated internal catalogues, users are able to speed up the searching and buying process.

Through a designed purchasing experience, users are able to eliminate the wonder of “am I allowed to buy this?” and “will this purchase be approved?” for them to purchase with confidence.

Experience Guided Buying on ADAM

Lead your team to buy from preferred suppliers at the right price through by experiencing guided buying exclusively on ADAM. Create and assign catalogues based on departments or categories with your preferred suppliers.

With an intuitive, consumer-like shopping experience, catalogues on ADAM empower users to adhere to the right policies thus improving compliance and giving businesses better control on their cost.

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