Track Your Office Supplies: 3 Key Tips

Running an office is more than just furnitureelectronic gears and employees. People often miss out office stationery.

There’s a long list of office stationery when you’re setting up an office which also depends on the gears you have in the office as well as the company size.

But if you’re already have a running office, keeping track of your office supplies is crucial so you don’t have unexpected moments of running out of paper, printer toner, pens and even adhesives.

Here are the top 3 most useful tip in keeping track of your office supplies:

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1. A detailed masterlist

Create a master list of all the stationery supplies your office need

Create a master list of all the stationery supplies your office need. As mentioned, it depends on the size of the company and the amount of electronics running in the office. For instance, a legal firm would need more paper than a tech startup company.

Our recommendation? Spend more time in creating this master list that includes, product brand name, the name of the product, colour and other necessary specifications of the product as much as possible.

Having all these details will eventually help you in organising and spotting exact items that are running out in the long run and most importantly it saves you a lot of time when these items needed to be replenished.

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2. Store all the supplies in one location

Keeping everything in one place

Keeping everything in one place is the perfect way for you or your colleagues to grab what they need and spend more time in doing more important work.

Nobody likes to search the entire office for one highlighter or a ream of paper do they?

It’s best to organise these stationery supplies to areas of frequently used items and not frequently used items. Do consider also labeling them so everyone in the office get to find things they need in a breeze.

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3. Routine supplies check

Don’t exhaust all your supplies and then replenish

Don’t exhaust all your supplies and then replenish. Always keep some at hand so you can order them and get it delivered to your office. Running to the nearest stationery supplies store is a waste of time and sometimes, you can’t even get what you need. Or worse, you have to carry heavy items like reams of paper to the office on your own.

Always schedule a routine check on the all the stationery items and order them a couple of days before you run out.

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