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Omni Channel Payment Solution
And Access Cash Flow

Pay Vendors Quickly, Safely & Hassle-Free

Discover ADAM's Payment Solutions

Pay your suppliers hassle-free on ADAM. Multiple payment solution to create a simple, effortless payment process.

Consolidated Payment

Consolidate indirect vendor spend through ADAM - effectively reducing payment management and invoicing activities.

Improve Visibility 

Gain visibility into transactional spend and payment data. Track spend data, and turn it into actionable information with analytics.

Reduce AP Activity

Reduce payment processing time, and free your finance team to focus on strategic projects that drives value to your business.

Optimise B2B Payments

Consolidate payments to your suppliers

Digitalise Invoices 

Enjoy paperless invoicing and reduce time on document tracking 

  • Quick overview of the company's overall invoices within one dashboard  
  • Invoice matching is no longer a hassle as PO, orders, invoices and delivery note orders are digitally stored within the same order
  • Eliminate manual tracking of transaction documents and retrieve them whenever needed

Single-Point Payment

Pay one master vendor for all your purchases

  • ADAM consolidate all your orders made within a certain time frame and bill your company accordingly
  • Enjoy competitive credit terms and liquid cash flow 
  • Effectively reduce time in tail-end vendor management
  • Reduced AP activities with single point of vendor payment

Payment On Behalf

Procure what you need to run your business, when you need it
Ensure your vendors are paid immediately so that they can fulfil your urgent requests on time.

If you're working in a volatile environment with tight deadlines, and requires next-day deliveries, minimise payment-related bottlenecks with our payment-on-behalf solution.

Our clients engage us to :

  • Settle their ad hoc vendor payments
  • Raise payments needed quickly to shorten fulfilment time
  • Secure requested services, venues, or products with prompt deposit payments

Speed up Payments

Pay your vendors within 1-2 working days upon confirmation through PO

No More Cash Payments

Pays on your company's behalf so you will never have another pay-first-claim-later situation.

Reduce Ad Hoc Vendor Registrations

Quicker purchase process from ad hoc vendors by consolidating purchases under one approved master vendor.

Do you know an agency charges 10% to 18% as the rate of procuring + paying for the service on behalf?


Reduction in purchasing processing 


Time saved in company's purchasing time


Savings generated compared to paying other agencies

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