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Accelerate PO issuance to vendors, maximise operational efficiency, and ensure accurate vendor document submissions. From RFx, Vendor Portal, Contract Management and more.
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ADAM’s Vendor Management Key Features

A comprehensive vendor management solution optimizing onboarding, compliance, contract management, communication, and vendor assessments.


Streamlined RFx management for RFIs, RFPs, RFQs, RFTs ensuring transparency, auditability, and customisation.

  • Create comprehensive tenders ensuring accurate and relevant vendor responses
  • Get approvals directly within ADAM, ensuring all stakeholders are aligned
  • Compare all vendor responses in one screen through dashboard view
  • Customise all events and forms with transparency and compliance

Contract Management

Optimises contract storage, drawdowns, tracking, renewals, secure access, and visibility, enhancing compliance and decision-making.

  • Easily store and manage contracts digitally
  • Monitor and track utilised and remaining contract value, updated in real-time
  • Set tiered reminders, escalating to stakeholders to ensure timely actions and milestones
  • Access to contract data secured with ADAM’s advanced security measures

Vendor Registration

Quick vendor self-registration with thorough verification and compliance checks.

  • Register and verify vendors directly within ADAM
  • Build customised registration form according to unique onboarding workflows
  • Set up pre-evaluation workflows before registration approval
  • Store and access all vendor information in a centralised database

Vendor Portal

Upload and view documents, manage profiles, update information, store communications, and track orders, ensuring seamless vendor management and transparency.

  • Manage profiles, update information, and maintain up-to-date vendor details
  • Track order status from submission to fulfillment, enhancing transparency and vendor satisfaction
  • Communicate effortlessly; store all vendor messages, updates, and notifications in one place
  • Upload necessary documents directly to the portal, including compliance certificates, contracts, and invoices

ESG Assessment

Evaluate vendor ability, compliance, and risk through comprehensive assessments, ensuring high standards and reliable partnerships.

  • ESG (upcoming!) Evaluate ESG compliance aligned with sustainability goals and ethical standards
  • Get a detailed ESG report to identify opportunities and communicate commitment to sustainability
  • Evaluate all vendor ESG performance covering environmental impact, corporate governance and more
  • Fully customise and build vendor assessment form according to unique requirements

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