Vendor Portal To Manage &

Comply with Document Matching 

Quicken Purchasing cycle To vendors Through a Single Platform

Discover ADAM's Vendor Portal,

Vendor Management System in Malaysia

Speed up issuing PO's to vendors, maximise operational efficiency, and ensuring accurate submission of vendor documents to complete 3 way matching

Empowering Vendors

A self-service portal for Purchase Orders and enhance document sharing and access to information; eliminating data entry and information transfer for your Procurement and Finance Team.

Seamless PO Generation

Speed up issuing PO's to vendors, maximise operational efficiency, and ensuring accurate submission of vendor documents to complete 3 way matching

Simplified Purchasing For Maximum Efficiency

One single solution to manage purchasing for all your businesses' needs.

Connect With Vendors Across Multi Entities

Digitalise engagement with Vendors i.e. exchange of data and documents, contract pricing and document submission. Unlimited Vendors to allow your business to connect to all of your Vendors from the largest multi-nationals to the smallest organisations.

  • Improve accuracy of Vendor information changes i.e. company details (bank account), person in charge etc.
  • Manage and segregate Vendors by different billing entities while allowing Vendors access multiple Buyers from a single portal.

Easy onboarding & Self Serve

Invite existing Vendors and manage Vendors’ orders from one single platform.

  • Vendors are able to view, edit, manage company information and product details including contract pricing with Buyers.

Improve Communication

Increase efficiency by digitising document exchange between Buyer and Seller through a central repository, which makes Vendor management effortless as the complexity of Vendor base expands.

  • Buyers and Vendors have access to shared view of the common data and order details, improving collaboration and dispute resolution when investigative work need to be taken by either party.

Automated Purchase Order Issuance

Vendors are automatically notified by email when Purchase Orders are issued. 

  • Streamline issuance of Purchase Orders to Vendors through the automation of processes reducing the amount of administrative tasks required to be performed by Buyers.

Upload Vendor Invoice & GRN

Vendors are empowered to self-upload their respective Vendor Invoice & GRN documents allowing Buyer’s Procurement or Finance team to check and verify which speed up Purchase Order closure and Account Payable activities.

  • Conventional manual method would require Vendors to submit physical copy of Invoice & GRN which increase the probability of loss of document.
  • Allow Buyer to track, identity and verify order status by Purchase Order level.
  • Ability to identify open Purchase Orders, unfulfilled orders and commitments to Vendors.

e-RFQ (2022)

Simplified and streamlined processes to expedite RFQ sourcing events.

  • Intuitive, self-service platform empowers your team to request and track quotation status
  • Guided capabilities reduce time and effort needed to RFQ
  • Collect, view, and manage all quotations provided in My Quotations.
  • Download auto generated quotations within clicks.
  • Generate sustainable savings by receiving value-for-money quotations.

Key Benefits of using ADAM in Your Procure to Pay Process

Speed order processing and lower procurement costs by integrating real-time with ADAM & Vendor Portal.

ADAM is one of the best procurement system in Malaysia. Hasten purchasing cycle with an easy-to-use vendor portal, in-built gentle guided onboarding process, and modules .