Eliminate manual submission GRN & transform your Account Payable Operations
Review and cross-check Goods Received Notes against invoice submitted by Vendors with all information trial in a single platform.

How Digital Approval Works In ADAM

Manage Goods Received Notes More Efficiently

ADAM empowers users from all departments and/or locations to submit Goods Received Notes and Vendor’s Invoice digitally in one single platform to drive compliance in three-way matching process; reducing and eliminating billing fraud across organizations.

ADAM’s GRN Module is designed to improve your procurement process from Procure to Pay whilst simplifying the payable activities . With ADAM, users can:

  1. Acknowledge delivery of goods and services by a Vendor (item level) in the specific approved Purchase Order
  2. Self-upload their respective Goods Received Notes & Vendor’s Invoice
  3. Eliminate the manual transfer of documents to Finance department
  4. Share out the preparation work instead of all submission, processing & verification work being plopped down on the finance department
  5. Share / store documents, communicate and collaborate with finance team using comments and notifications

Coherent 3-Way Matching Experience

By streamlining process and segregating workflow, Account Payable team can complete their checks faster, process payments on time which in turn gives them more time to focus on other more pertinent tasks i.e. preventing fraudulent invoices and double payments.

Collaborative Document Upload

Goods Received Notes and Vendor Invoice can be uploaded by authorised users in accordance with company policies.

  • Easy configuration to allow specific users access / permission to upload Goods Received Notes and/or Vendor Invoice
  • Improve documentation flow i.e. eliminate manual submission (often worsen if submission required from different physical locations)

Review & Approve

Retrieve and review any purchase information directly from a single platform.

  • All purchase information can be accessed directly from Purchase Order page (consolidated based on request level)
  • Easy retrieval of documents and files

Integration with Finance Systems

Convert Goods Received Notes directly to Bills in any finance systems with a click of a button

  • Eliminate redundancy by automating data transfer between system / platform

Faster, Smarter Receiving

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