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Purchase Requisition
To Purchase Order Solution

Cloud-Based PR + PO Creation & Approvals

PR to PO

Say Goodbye to Paper & Excel.
Say Hello To ADAM.

Digitalise all manual purchase requisition and purchase order processes with our cloud-based, easy-to-use procurement platform, ADAM

Paperless Requisition Process

Get rid of manual forms and spreadsheets! Create purchase requisition and purchase orders within a few clicks, following user setup and form type while maintaining your data online.


Faster Purchase Approvals

With digital approvals, you need not print document and chase stakeholders with paper approvals. Let users approve when they want to and on their preferred device. Reducing wait time while the system fulfils criteria such as value based, level authority, project or department based)

Convert PRs to POs Within Clicks

Minimise error and improve efficiency through consolidation and one-click PR to PO conversion. Enable auto PO creation to save time and speed up processes.

Request > Requisition > PO + Approval Flow

Guide users to raise Purchase Requisitions the right way

  • Quickly fill-in preferred items, via dropdown list or free form text
  • Automated process embedded with controls to ensure compliance
  • Simple, customisable approval workflows for requisition
  • Templated purchase requisition form for operational efficiency and standardised record keeping

 Purchase Requisitions

Create, review, and manage your purchase requests with complete transparency

  • Ability to consolidate multiple requisitions from various users, locations and departments
  • Gain visibility about the status of your purchase requests within one dashboard
  • Ability to merge line items and consolidate multiple request to issue a single purchase order
  • Create quick PRs from catalog templates with auto-populated item and price list
  • Attach relevant documents to your purchase requisition and export PR document in different format - CSV, Excel, PDF  
  • Enable record of stock on hand for review of order needs

Purchase Orders

Maximise savings and speed with paperless POs

  • Auto-initiated purchase order creation upon approval
  • Fully details all terms and conditions in the purchase order document
  • Download PO generated within clicks - PDF format
  • Cloud-storage of POs documents within the platform

PR Catalogue + My Vendor

Create a company-wide PR catalogue for easy access of products and services in PR creation

  • Create multiple PR Catalogues for easy PR creation
  • Quick upload through bulk create and update
  • Allow your users to access products and services during PR creation
  • Retrieve supplier information easily for PR/PO creation and save time and effort by minimizing manual entries
PR Catalogue
Mobile Approval on ADAM

Digital Approvals 

Approvals on the go, anytime, anywhere

  • Speed up purchasing process through mobile approvals
  • Customise approval flows that suit your existing organisation needs and policies
  • Automate purchase approval workflows and remove manual errors
  • Streamline and track all PR approval processes and statuses within a single dashboard
  • Track approval status - company wide within on dashboard

No More Manual Approval Process

Say Hello to Paperless Approvals and Enjoy Quicker Purchasing Process

No More Manual Approval Process

Powerful Customisation

Customise information fields required in your PR/ PO documents

Powerful PR PO Customisation

Access your product catalogue & vendor details when initiating purchase requisition

PR Catalogue

Product Listing

Vendor Details

Reduce data entry through integration

Enjoy seamless workflow through data integration between your system and ADAM. Whether through a direct API call, a CSV file transfer, or a 2nd party middleware solution, ADAM’s designed to work with your existing business systems to deliver an efficient workflow.

Integrate with your existing systems or ERP

Allowing your business users to now access a single seamless platform to ensure transparency to all business purchases while adhering to company policies and controls

Faster, Smarter Purchasing

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