What Is e-Procurement?

The extreme search for efficiency has led to the digitalization in all means.  Hence, even everyday communication has been altered due to technology. The advancement of technology has also led to the digitalization of procurement. 

Communication in e-Procurement

When communication is mentioned in e-Procurement it does not necessarily mean social, but rather sharing of data between customers and suppliers. 

How e-Procurement can strengthen customer-supplier relationship

Firstly, getting a better understanding of the definition of e-Procurement can help grasp the overall concept of e-Procurement. E-Procurement can be defined as the joined use of electronic information and communications technology to boost the connection between customers and suppliers and other value chain partners. Doing so allows the improvement of better internal and external processes. In fact, e-Procurement is seen as the key aspect in many e-business and e-commerce sectors. 

In other words, e-Procurement aids customers in making the purchasing process smoother which leads to a better customer-supplier relationship

There are many benefits in implementing an e-Procurement system, through all levels of the organization.

e-Procurement has benefits such as:

Electronic PO’s: This is related to the automatic processing and auctioning of orders which in turn boosts the speed and secures reliability in doing at a lower cost. 

Cost reduction – Implementing e-Procurement can save a company a lot of cost, especially in terms of avoiding double payments/spending and maintain the right of volume when buying. Also when large organisations order in bulk for their multiple branches they will be able to get better prices than ordering for each individual branch.

Transparency in buying and spending – E-Procurement allows organizations to standardize their orders especially when multiple departments are making procurement decisions, this causes confusion on what has been purchased and who ordered what.

Hence, in cases like these e-Procurement makes it convenient for each department to comply with the company’s procurement standards. Spending becomes more transparent and e-Procurement software allows you to know what you’re actually spending on. The analytics function in e-Procurement allows the organization to have a better track record and transparency on their spend. This in future can allow them to manage their funds and spend in an organized manner. 

Suppliers – Connect to external supply chains and aids in supply management. Also e-procurement helps improve supply chain operations, this can lead to a mutual benefit for all using e-Procurement software. 

Lower margin of  errors – Due to everything being in electronic form all the paperwork can be checked and errors can be reduced, along with a better record of previous orders which can be used as a reference, to make sure the new orders are placed right.

But out of everything, the most important task is to pick the right software that provides the best services. Different procurement software’s are geared to different organizational sizes. Hence, it’s important to choose a software based on the objectives that need to be achieved.

Supplycart simplifies your procurement processes.  Supplycart’s e-Procurement platform ADAM can digitize your procurement processes. ADAM is a catalogue-based procurement with multi-user and multi-branch feature. ADAM also provides analytics of company orders, spend and consumption. Get in touch today by simply emailing hello@adam-procure.com to get started. 

By helping businesses to innovate the way they procure more efficiently, we’re helping businesses put back time and money into what truly matters for their business.

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