Benefits of Easy-To-Use Procurement

The introduction of procurement into the business world has eased and simplified the process of organizations’ acquiring products and services from the best suppliers. Procurement also has the ability to get the right product at the lowest price with the right quantity, it is able to cut the company’s cost.

Often organizations don’t understand the whole concept of procurement hence, they end up wasting a large amount of money and resources.

Procurement tends to have multiple steps to follow and involves interactions with many departments. And is usually done through face-to-face or through the phone conversations.

Over the years the even the process of procurement has evolved with the help of technology. E-procurement allows the procurement process to be done online to make the whole process easier.

The process of procurement being in the online form helps beat the traditional way of doing things by paper or through conversation. Changing procurement to be done online using e-Procurement software allows the process to be cut short in time and aids in saving money.

Thanks to creations of easy-to-use e-Procurement softwares such as Supplycart’s ADAM, the procurement process is simplified, Thus it is suitable to be used for all businesses with reduced difficulty but with the same amount capability in performing challenging tasks.

Easy-to-Use e-Procurement softwares such as ADAM provides many benefits such as:

1. A more efficient way of doing tasks

The introduction of e-Procurement softwares has really increased the efficiency of getting tasks done. Manually looking for the best supplier or sticking to long term suppliers can be restricting and time-consuming.

Also, less time can be spent in the sourcing process because the procurement team no longer has to allocate time for administrative tasks.

This is a huge improvement because often, the procurement team is slowed down from doing a large amount of administrative work.

2. Right prices and quantity

The whole aim of the procurement is to make sure that the products needed are gotten at the lowest price and at the right quantity. It’s an important aspect to make sure that the company’s staying within the set budget.

Various employees have different needs and want hence, e-Procurement softwares such as ADAM allows multiple users to view products and choose what they like to add to the cart. A budget and an admin can be set to make sure that the company stays within the budget and the admin can approve or reject this request.

3. Increase in employee happiness

When purchasing tasks are done easily and products are received on time it improves overall employee happiness. Also, the procurement team doesn’t have to deal with the hassle of tracking suppliers or keeping a tab of multiple documents. With the help of e-Procurement softwares, everything is kept account online.

4. Everyone is informed on purchases

Companies can choose a number of employees to have access to the e-Procurement software to choose the products that they desire. And this can be verified by an Admin user which can be anyone assigned or the HOD to accept the request. Doing so allows both the employees and the manager to be informed about the purchases being made.

The user view differs from the Admin view. The user view helps place a restriction on what employees can choose and buy. Whereas the Admins can have access to all items and catalogues.

Using the right e-Procurement can allow your procurement team to be a strategic player and achieve all their goals. Mainly because all the tedious tasks are eliminated and teams can focus their time on more strategic tasks.

Employees all around the organization can feel apart of the team because they are all included in the purchasing decision-making process. More supplier options can be explored because it no longer has to be done manually.

E-procurement softwares such as ADAM is what your company needs to achieve all its goals. Contact to start your procurement journey.

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