3 Questions to Ask Before Choosing the Right A4 Paper for Your Office

Are you using the right type of A4 paper for your office? Not sure where to start in identifying what’s the right A4 paper for your office?

These key guiding questions can help you:

  1. What are my office’s printing needs?
  2. How much is my office’s budget for paper?
  3. How much paper does my office use in a month?

Supplycart is here to breakdown those questions and suggest some of your favourite A4 paper brands that would suit your office needs!

Question #1: What are my office’s printing needs?

When it comes to asking what’s your office’s printing needs, the most common follow-up question is to ask what does your office normally print and how heavy is the volume of you normally print out.

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Identifying the volume and what you usually print out is essential in knowing what paper density your office requires.

The unit of measuring paper density is known as “gsm“, which is an acronym for “grams per square meter”. You can find out more about all the paper lingo you need to know in our previous post on choosing A4 papers!

The two most commonly used A4 paper weight is 70 gsm and 80 gsm.

If your office prints in high volume then 80 gsm would be preferable as it heavier gsm makes it less likely to stick to other sheets while printing, further decreasing the chances of paper jams.

If you also print official documents such as those in legal firms and companies in the financial services, then an 80 gsm A4 paper would be better for official uses as its opacity is higher.

Question #2: How much is my office’s budget for paper?

Paper and offices go like bread and butter as it’s an office staple.

When it comes to the most basic necessities your office needs, you would want save as much as you can when it comes to purchasing.

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Usually, 70 gsm A4 Paper is cheaper in comparison to its 80 gsm counterpart. And if you’re looking to save more for your office, 70 gsm paper is the type of paper you should opt for.

Question #3: How much paper does my office use in a month?

If your office has a high printing volume per month, opt for A4 Paper brands that have more sheets per ream.

Generally, most A4 paper brands contain 500 sheets per ream and some brands have 450 sheets in a ream.

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For companies that prints in large quantities, do choose brands that have 500 sheets per ream.

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