Power Up Your Business Procure To Pay using Eprocurement & ERP


Power Up Your Business Procure To Pay using Eprocurement & ERP

Many organisations are still unsure about how to move on to cloud.

One of the misconceptions is only large organisations can afford to invest in cloud solutions to be more efficient and forward thinking. We are going to break that myth and share some available software that can offer the customisation and flexibility you need to move to cloud at a reasonable cost.

Hosted by Ms Cynthia Ng , Astro Awani (Anchor, Senior Editor, Producer & Journalist)

Speaker :
Ts, Dr. Log. Elishia Loo (TARUC) Senior Lecturer
Jonathan Oh (Supplycart) CEO & Co-Founder

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Video Timestamp
12:08 Evolution of Procurement
26:35 How procurement and p2p fit into ERP
36:36 Eprocurement
50:11 ERP & Eprocurement Integration
51:26 Typical ERP Requisition Process Challenges
53:58 Differentiation between Cloud & On Premise
54:38 What ROI you would achieve
1:00:35  Bloomthis Sharing
1:09:11 Fireside Chat


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