Quarterly Product Newsletter Q4 2021

Reflections from the team

           It certainly has been an interesting journey to digitalise Procurement in South East Asia, especially with the Covid pandemic over the last 2 years. We have been getting lots of feedback from our clients telling us that we should be sharing more about our constant improvements, hence we are now kick-starting our quarterly product newsletter!

           Firstly, on behalf of the Supplycart team – thank you for choosing ADAM to be your partner to journey with you through digitalising procurement in your organisation. Your constant feedback (both critical & constructive) are what drives the team and ADAM forward to be better for everyone.

           August 2021 was a significant milestone for ADAM as we released a whole new version of our Requisition solution which will be able to scale with your business as you continue to grow.

           Thank you for your patience while we prioritise the long list of ideas that we constantly receive – researching and assessing the implications of each idea, aligned to acceptable & Best in Class Procurement practices.

           We continue in our mission to empower all users in the Procurement community, by developing a high quality and affordable eProcurement platform – with the ultimate aim of nurturing the procurement eco-system here in South East Asia that is still in its infancy.

           We hope this quarterly newsletter will help summarise all the key upgrades that have been launched over the previous months and also to highlight key future upgrades in our pipeline. Our team of dedicated Procurement geeks & engineers are constantly figuring out better solutions to common challenges faced by everyone, so that we can prioritise the most impactful upgrades across all who subscribe to our modules as rapidly as possible. Our platform version upgrades at least twice a month – so there will always be new improvements for you!

           I hope you will find this read insightful. As there was so much done over the last 5 months, if there are any thoughts on how to better structure this newsletter or anything else you would like to see – please feel free to let me know!

           With that, our team here wishes everyone a very safe, Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! Looking forward to 2022.


Co-founder & Head of Product

ADAM upgrades since August 2021

  • Further improved the User Experience (UX)
  • New widget for My Purchase Requisitions
  • New widget for My Requests (finalising, to deploy in Dec 2021)
Requisition Module (RQ / PR / PO)
  • Customisable & automated Reference Number


  • Catalogue is now also accessible to the Request (RQ) module
  • Feature of activating RQ PDFs if required
  • Function to Copy historical RQ data into a new RQ
  • RQ status can now be Closed (in progress, scheduled for Dec 2021)


  • Feature to consolidate multiple RQs into 1 PR
  • Feature to allow different Vendors at item level when creating a new PR
  • Feature to enable split of 1 PR into many POs
  • Feature to customise a Reason Checklist in PR forms
  • Feature to enable Unregistered Vendor input for PRs
  • Function to Copy historical PR data into a new PR
  • Linkage to the related PO References
  • CompanyPR page: users can select columns for their table view
  • CompanyPR page: user can only see submissions relating to the
  • Billing Entity that they are assigned to
  • PR status can now be Closed


  • Directly create a draft PO using data from an approved PR (reducing manual input)
  • Feature to consolidate multiple PRs into 1 PO
  • Logos on PO is customisable by Billing Entities
  • Linkage to the related PR References
  • Can raise POs in multi-currency
  • Dynamic Discount fields in both % and $
  • Requestor can now access directly to their related POs
  • Requestor can upload Vendor Invoice & Delivery Note documents into their own POs (streamlines 3-way matching)
  • CompanyPO page: users can select columns for their table view
  • CompanyPO page: user can only see submissions relating to the
  • Billing Entity that they are assigned to
  • PO Item CSV is downloadable by any admin
  • Feature to allow PO to be Revised (repeats PO approval), different versions of PO are easily accessible
  • Feature to allow PO dimensions to be Edited (in progress, scheduled for Dec 2021)
  • Feature to allow Goods Received Closing of a PO at Item level (finalising, to deploy in Dec 2021)
  • Feature to allow creation of Advance Payments of open POs (finalising, to deploy in Dec 2021)
Approvals Module
  • Approvals can now take into consideration the different currencies of submissions
  • Parent-Child Approvals allowing linkage across accounts


  • Different Approval flows can now be created, each assigned to a different PR or RQ form
  • Approval flow is now configurable as a sequence of properties
  • Approval flow logic now allows the relationship between 2 properties (Property & sub-property)


  • An approver can have multiple value tiers
  • VETO approver role for business owners
  • Reviewer role for Procurement/Finance
  • Approvers have access to separate pages of all their related RQ/PR/PO
Catalogue Module
  • Further improved UX on creating products
  • Product Prices set up is linked into the PR or PO form
  • Users must be assigned to the catalogue to access it in RQ/PR/PO form
MyVendor Module
  • Auto-creation of unregistered Vendors (as part of Unregistered Vendor PR flow)
  • Vendors can now be assigned by Billing Entities (with Vendor Group Code, Vendor Code and Vendor GL Code)
  • Vendor payment terms suggestive listing
  • Filter Vendors by assigned billing entity (in progress, scheduled for Dec 2022)
  • Vendor Portal (launching in Jan 2022)
User Management Module
  • Improved invite user – pre-assignment
  • Function of 1-click resend all pending invites
Roles & Permissions Module
  • Further improved the User Experience (UX)
  • Updated the user guide to provide more detail guidance on each permission
Requisition Analytics Module (BETA)
  • Spend Analytics 
  • Item Analytics (in progress, scheduled for Dec 2021)
PROCURE (Vendor Management) Modules
  • Budget module: this can now be allocated by delivery addresses
  • Budget module: function to block an order if there is insufficient balance (BlanketPO module will be decommissioned beginning 1st Jan 2022)
  • Catalogue setup: user can now see for each product, their managed Vendors & contract price status
  • Contract Pricing: admins can now self-update contract pricing
  • Contract Pricing: Logs are now visible to users (in progress, scheduled for Dec 2021)
  • Function to connect an ADAM Billing Entity to a XERO Company account
  • ADAM Approved PO integrated to XERO Approved PO

Upcoming (1) in Q1 2022


  • Can further upload documents even after RQ/PR/PO is approved
  • Function to email POs directly to Vendors with 1-click (indicate that PO has been emailed)
  • Feature to enable to show original PR Requestor Name on PO
  • Category to be linked to PR Product creation
  • Vendor(s) & Prices to be linked to PR Product creation
  • Item Level Branch Codes to be added into PO and PR forms
  • UOM list that is configurable
  • Creating new Roles for assignment
  • Requisition Analytics (Vendor pareto)
  • Requisition Analytics (overview)
  • Requisition Metrics (average time from submission to closing)
  • Requisition Metrics (average time to close a PO)
  • Further improving UX of Logs (Vendors, PO Details, Approvals)
  • Improve UX of user being logged out due to timeout

Vendor Portal (launching Jan 2022)

  • Vendors can see & download POs received from clients
  • Vendors can upload invoices / DNs relating to the POs – this will be reflected on ADAM
  • Vendors can see processing status of their POs (Pending Verification > Verified: Pending Payment > Paid) (end Q1)
  • Vendors can create their own products to be linked with ADAM clients for contract pricing (end Q1)

(1) This may be subjected to reprioritisation due to majority feedback from clients and updated research