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Our procurement Integrated solution ADAM aligns your business workflow and processes with the results to enrich experiences, develop collaborations, and create value across businesses, departments and users.




Empowering users to carry out their procurement related tasks without any restriction to access to the platform with proper controls and compliance (LOA)

It is counterproductive to break a seamless digital flow and expect business users to use manual ways just because  access to existing system is limited by user licenses.  We change all that to allow you to focus on establishing a seamless digital workflow & procurement needs.

Change Implementation Together

Experienced with over 100 companies procurement flows and processes, we have developed a knowledge pool that we would be able to share best practices with you.

Implementing change effectively requires change management, a challenge that many organisations face with digital transformation. We will jointly develop an implementation plan with you to ensure a successful implementation change throughout the organisation.


You Grow

ADAM is a user friendly procurement system in Malaysia. Getting started from as low as USD 15 per month with our Requisition module and scale your modules as your business grows.

Long gone are the days where organisations subscribe to an advanced solution with the anticipation of growth.

ADAM Is 100% Cloud Based Integrated Procurement System

Cloud based technology allows users to access ADAM without having to install or manage any on premise servers.
ADAM is user friendly procurement or purchasing system in Malaysia.

By utilising Cloud technology, businesses would be able to minimise IT resources i.e. reduce the need to manage data storage, maintenance of hardware and software, manage security risk, data storage and headcount to ensure operational uptime etc.

The following table provides an overview of expenses that a business would SAVE through implementation of cloud based solution:

How ADAM Is Different To Other On Premise Solutions

Designed With Simplicity in Mind

ADAM aims to simplify your business processes and workflows. Allowing you to focus on what matters most— serving customers, increasing productivity, controlling costs, and scaling profitability


Simple and Friendly Interface

An intuitive, hassle-free interface, designed with simplicity in mind. End-users are empowered to raise request, approvals, convert requisitions to POs and pay faster than ever-before.

  • Seamless consumer-like shopping experience
  • Gentle guided buying experience for greater spend compliance

Flexible modules 

Customised to Meet Your Needs

Take what you need to fit into your existing solutions. No costly overhauls. Just what works.

  • Activate needed features when required
  • Configure user roles and permissions   


Uncover Savings with Spend Analytics

Track every dollar spent and uncover potential savings. Make better and faster buying decisions with actionable spend analytics.

  • Unify company-wide spend data
  • Uncover hidden opportunities to drive savings
  • Empower relevant stakeholders with actionable insights

CONVENIENT cloud based software

View Live Data Anytime, Anywhere

Have real-time visibility over all indirect spend activities— suppliers, contracts, purchasing, invoicing, and transaction history— on a single platform. 

  • Manage company-wide spend with real-time expenses
  • Easily detect non-compliant procurement activities


Multi-users Management & User Role Permissions

Connect buyers from all locations under one system, assign them with specific buying roles, and organise them with multi-level management. Govern all buyers' activities with a policy-compliant, inituitive guided buying experience. 

  • On/Off feature controls per-user group to ensure that procurement can be customised to suit the needs of your business.
  • Master delegation with establishing everyone's role within the procurement process through user group permission
  • Users get to only see the features that are enabled on their account

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