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Cloud based PR creation & Approvals 
Converting PRs to POs Within Clicks

Say Goodbye to Paper & Excel.

Say Hello To ADAM.

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Digitalise all manual purchase requisition and purchase order processes with our cloud-based, easy-to-use procurement platform, ADAM:

  • Easily create your purchase requisitions (PR)
  • Auto-initiated purchase order creation upon approval
  • Approvals on the go, anytime, anywhere
  • Gain visibility about the status of your purchase requests
  • Integration with your existing systems for seamless processing

Take Control of Your Purchase Requests
& Purchase Orders Creation

Purchase Requisitions 

Create, review, and manage your purchase requests with complete transparency

Purchase Orders 

Simplify your PO process and improve policy compliance within your company


Create a company-wide PR catalogue for easy access of products and services, along with price lists

No More Manual Approval Process

Streamline and track all Purchase Requisition approval processes and statuses within a single dashboard

No More Manual Approval Process

Simplified Processes

Convert Purchase Requisitions into Purchase Orders with one click, and manage them on ADAM.

Convert Your Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order

Powerful Customisation

Customise information fields required in your PR/ PO documents, and setup up to 5-tier approval flows.

Powerful PR PO Customisation

Access your product catalogue & vendor details when initiating purchase requisition

PR Catalogue

Product Listing

Vendor Details

Integrate with your existing systems or ERP

Enjoy seamless workflow through data integration between your system and ADAM. Whether through a direct API call, a CSV file transfer, or a 2nd party middleware solution, ADAM’s designed to work with your existing business systems to deliver an efficient workflow.

Integrate with your existing systems or ERP

Empower Your Team To Focus On What Truly Matters

Eliminate manual tasks and improve efficiency in turning PR documents into POs so your team can do what they do best— helping your business to succeed.

Supplycart PR Document Sample


Fill out the online purchase request form


Match items from an online catalog or manually enter items/services


Send PR for approval from procurement team or relevant stakeholders


Track status of purchase requisition request in real time


Convert PR into purchase order upon approval

How Does Supplycart
Add Value?

We help businesses from SMEs to MNCs to optimise their value gain by digitising and automation their procurement processes.


Workload saved in approvals and PR


Hours saved a week on average


Procurement cost saved on average

ru sow, head of operations, common ground (malaysia)

"Supplycart paves the way for a more standardised method of running operations especially for a business that encompasses multiple branches. 

The possibilities for data management and analysis are endless, thus, creating more opportunities to further fine-tune the division's aspirations allowing for strategic planning in tandem with the Common Ground's growth in Malaysia and South East Asia"

Value Add Solutions


Digitalise your source-to-procure processes and ensure policy compliance with an easy-to-use interface


Source quickly and generate quotations from multiple suppliers within a few clicks


Gain real-time insight into company-wide spend data to make smarter and informed decisions

Source & Purchase  Easily with Our B2B Marketplace

Source & Purchase 
Easily with Our B2B Marketplace

Designed for B2B purchasing activities: 

  • Compare prices in one glance 
  • Request quotations from multiple vendors
  • Source for both products and services within a single platform 
  • Generate quotations from the checkout cart 

View our catalogue page:  
Get a glimpse of the 50,000 products and services offered.

Approval Flow-Budget Flow

Control spend and budget through approval

  • Easy setup of approval process within clicks
  • Update users on approval statuses in real-time
  • Speed up approval process via email and mobile approval
  • View overall approval status and requests

Approve anywhere & anytime:  
Access and approve purchase requisitions at your fingertip

approval on mobile phone
Xero ADAM Integration

Xero Integration 

Create, send, and manage company-wide PR and PO documents through ADAM

  • Save time on PO creation 
  • Manage blanket PO within clicks
  • Minimise data input errors through auto-sync of data points 
  • Quicken procurement process

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