Enjoy Seamless Request & Purchasing Workflow with ADAM + XERO

Leverage on ADAM’s integration to automatically create Purchase Orders and Bills in XERO.

Reasons you'll love ADAM and Xero together 

ADAM's integration with Xero makes it quick and easy to procure and manage your purchase orders 

Digital Approval

Streamline your company workflow through obtaining digital approvals from any device any where 

Check & Control

Reducing human error of keying wrong information or price  and keep access to the accounting system limited 

Save Time 

Shorten turn around time when purchase orders are made on ADAM, as automatically created on Xero 

How does ADAM and XERO Integrate

Xero Integration is made available to ADAM's Procure Module (PO Generated from Procure)

Xero Integration

Requisition Module
1. Requisition Flow - Xero does not have a Requisition Module


2. Approvals routing/flow - Xero does not have any email routing/flow of approvals when you create POs

User roles & Permissions
3 User license - Xero charges by individual user access
4. Permissions - Xero does not have detailed configurable permissions for their Roles, making it impossible for non-Finance users to collaborate with Finance (uploading documents, not view financial sensitive info)

Purchase Orders
5. Checks & controls - XERO allows incomplete POs to be issued
6. PO Status - Xero does not have status visible to requestors
7. Simple PO Reference # - XERO only allows simple running numbers

8. Checks & controls - XERO allows duplicate of Bill reference (often used for Invoice Number), which may cause double payment of bills

How does ADAM and XERO Integrate

Key Features & Capabilities

Xero Integration

Unlimited User License, digital approval process and automated audit trail: Approvals are routed to authorised approvers according to company policies.

Check & Balances, duplicate Invoice number and Purchase Order number will be blocked and Bills and Purchase Order will not be allowed to be created in XERO.

Roles & Permission, Master delegation establishing user's role within the procurement & finance process through user group permission. Users are allowed access to only features that are enabled on their account.

Purchase Requisition, Create, consolidate, review, approve, and manage purchase requests with complete transparency. Automated process embedded with controls to ensure compliance.

Purchase Order Analytics, Ability to analyse committed Purchase Order, pending goods receipt, forecast payment due to Vendors.

Xero Integration

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