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Why limit for potential growth within your company?

Improve growth, exposure and client pool by tapping into Supplycart’s growing corporate customer database of diverse industries.

Why Onboard to Supplycart

Malaysia’s Only Closed B2B Marketplace

Unlike other marketplace, selling price is not published openly to avoid price wars amongst suppliers. Instead, prices are only accessible to registered buying customers

Focus on Core Competencies

Supplycart take care of the coordination order placements so that you can focus on fulfilment and supplychain

Exposure to Enterprise / MNCs Customers without Credit Risk

Suppliers are reimbursed in a prompt manner based on agreed credit terms with Supplycart. All financial risk with end customer is borne by Supplycart

Customer Matching

Supplycart recommends suppliers to customers with the best match in terms of product / service offering to customer with the objective to optimise suppliers’ transactional value per delivery

Improve on Service Level

Supplycart actively conveys customer feedback and provides periodic service level rating for improvement purposes

Supplier Insights

Suppliers are advised regularly on customers’ requirements and items regularly purchased. With the insight, suppliers are better informed to improve pricing and consistency in service

On-board to Supplycart with Zero Cost

In 5 simple steps
Step 1: Registration

Register your interest by following the instruction provided. Simple information and document upload required

Step 2: Product Upload 

Our supplier onboarding team will contact you after your registration and assist you with product creation and upload to our system

Step 3: Order Notification

You will be notified via email when there is an order placed for your services

Step 4: Fulfilment

Deliver ordered products / services to the designated buyer. Lead time for fulfilment is as per registered

Step 5: Safe Payment

Payment will be deposited to your bank account in accordance to the credit terms agreed

Thousands of Companies Need Your Expertise

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1. What documents are required or supplier registration?

Supplier must first fill up the E-Registration form together with standard Statutory Documents: Form 9, Form 24, and Form 49 (for private limited companies) or Borang D and Borang A (for sole-proprietor).

2. What are the requirements to be a supplier on Supplycart?

Any company that is registered with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) with evident fulfilment strength and quality of service are eligible to be a supplier on Supplycart.

3. How long does the review process takes before my registration is approved?

The approval process typically takes between 2-3 working days. Product upload process would depend on the complexity of the offerings and completeness of information submitted.

4. Will I be informed whether my submission is sufficient?

Upon submission of registration, our onboarding team will contact you within 24 hours to advise you whether additional information is required.

5. Will my selling price be published openly?

Supplycart is a closed marketplace; all selling price is only visible to registered customers. Other suppliers would not have access to your selling price.

6. How can I list my products on the system?

Supplier must first fill up a simple product upload template (Excel format) and return it to Supplycart Supplier Onboarding team upon completion. The product upload process would typically take between 3-4 working days, however, it would depend on completion of the information provided.

7. Are there any listing fees?

Our closed marketplace does not require any listing fees.

8. Is this contract based? What if I wish to stop the business partnership with Supplycart in the future?

No. While our partnership is not contractual, any order placed with the supplier before the termination of the partnership must be fulfilled in accordance with the agreed Terms and Conditions.

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