7 Efficiency Hacks for Better Productivity

Time-management and prioritisation are terms we’ve all heard of. However, how do we actually tackle this matter? Here are some simple hacks to help you be more organise and progressive, even you are super busy.

#1 Create your own schedule

Having an agenda for the week or day will keep you on track. All you need is 10-minute every (or Sunday, for weekly basis) night to prep your schedule. Take note that this may not necessarily make everything go as planned, but at least you are well prepared.

#2 Set a deadline for each task

Let’s be real – we all like to dilly dally. Which is why setting a due date or a timer for your work is important. It will help you get things done in a timely manner. The sense of urgency will subconsciously make you work a little faster than before. Plus, you will eliminate unnecessary pressure.

#3 Try the 2 -minute rule

Created by David Allen, a time management consultant and an author of Getting Things Done – the 2-minute rule is said to help you stop procrastinating. If you can do it within two minutes or less to get things done, just do it. We, Supahands’ team, are also instilling this principle in our working culture. For example, if you can check your email within 2-minute; get it out of the way.

#4 Take a break

If you notice, your brain starts to lose its focus after a few hours of non-stop working. That is why frequent breaks are needed, as they will  improve your focus and boost your mood. All you need is a few minutes of break to take a walk, have another cuppa or do some stretching.

#5 Always take notes

This is a very common, but not many of us practise it. Have a note-taking app on your devices like Evernote or Google Keep; or pen and paper with you. By taking notes, you are able keep your schedule in tact or convert them into a to-do list. It can also be a reminder for your unfinished tasks.

#6 Break down your big project 

Big project can be anxiously scary. That been said, fret not. Just divide them into smaller parts to  manage better and not be overwhelmed by it. It will also give you a good overview of your performance.

#7 Search for outsourcing services

Sometimes, you or your team would not able to handle your workload. So, start doing your research on your outsourcing options that are available for your particular tasks or projects. For example, Supahands can help you with lead generation, content moderation, online support and data management. Meanwhile, Supplycart can help you with your office needs i.e.equipments, furniture, pantry or stationery supplies; and even fresh fruit – all conveniently delivered to your office.

We hope that these hacks will help you to increase your productivity and work-efficiency. Which ones are you already applying? If you have any other hacks, do share with us at the comment box.

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