5 Ways to Combat the Post-Long Weekend Blues

Do you ever dread coming to work after a long weekend? Was it a little tougher than usual to crawl out of bed this morning? Found yourself staring blankly at your laptop screen while your mind was still on buffering mode?

If you answered “yes” to all the above then you may have the post-long weekend blues. And don’t worry, it’s pretty common among employees who return to work after a long weekend.

The Supplycart team can definitely relate to the poor child in the above gif and to ensure you’re not sobbing over your breakfast before returning to work, here are some ways to combat the post-long weekend blues so you can work efficiently after the long holiday!

1) Pre-plan your return

To make sure you’re not slammed with a heavy workload after a long weekend, start pre-planning your work tasks even before the holiday starts. On the final day before you take off for your well-earned holiday, make a to-do list and slowly clear it off. The more tasks you’ve completed before the long weekend kick starts, the lesser work you have left backlogged. The less backlogged tasks the better, as you can return to work with less on your plate, and a lighter workload is always a good thing to look forward to!

Pre-planning your return also applies to office management, especially when it comes to the pantry. Now that some of your colleagues are no longer fasting, having a fully stocked pantry is always an exciting workplace aspect to look forward to aside from having a lighter workload.

2) Do something different

If returning to work has got you down because you’re dreading the mundane routine of meetings, phone calls and e-mails, then take the initiative to spice things up at work. Get the team together for a lunch outside of the office, blast out your favourite playlist or even have a quick yoga break so everyone feels a little more refreshed, because trust us, you’re not the only one feeling jet lagged after a long weekend, your colleagues suffer from it too! So in order to boost up everyone’s work spirits, break from your usual office routine and do something different upon returning from a long weekend.

3) Bring in the holiday cheer to your office

If you’re still in the holiday mood and can’t seem to get out of it, bring some of that holiday cheer into the office by bringing your favourite memory of that holiday to share it with your colleagues. For instance, you if enjoyed the Raya decorations over the weekend why not hang up some lights to decorate your office? The easiest way to include your holiday favourites is through food. Pack up some of favourite Raya cookies as a snack you can share with your workmates when hunger pangs strike!

4) Keep your meeting time short

Attention department heads, #4 on the list of ways to combat the post-long weekend blues is dedicated to you. If you have a weekly meeting that has been rescheduled to the first day where everyone returns from a long weekend, you might want to keep it short. Not sure how to conduct a short and effective meeting? Read one of our previous posts on how to hold a quick and productive meeting.

Why keep it short you may ask? Chances are, your team members are still in holiday mode and might take some time to warm up to the office routine of attending and attentively listening to a meeting. So keep it short and highlight key achievements from the previous week to boosts up some workplace motivation for the coming week!

5) Take your time

If you’re struggling to get back into the groove of things at work upon returning from a long weekend, don’t worry because everyone is in the same post-long weekend blues boat as you. And the best way to get back into the swing of things at the office is to take your time. Re-adjusting to your usual routine after a couple of days of visiting open houses or sleeping in is not an easy feat. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not working as efficiently as you would pre-long weekend.

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