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Purchasing Sophistication Meets
Consumer-Like Experience

Simple, Compliant Purchase Flows That Saves You Time

Purchase Solution

Discover ADAM's Procure Solutions

Have full visibility, control, and management of your procurement spend on ADAM. Procure all necessary products and services easily and quickly to save your employees’ valuable time

Purchasing Process

Digitalise P2P process for good and services. Empowering users so that you can release your procurement team to do what matters 


A guided buying experience that ensure policy compliance. Reduce maverick spend and improve visibility into tail end spend

User Adoption 
Made Easy

Easy-to-use interface focuses on making it easier to purchase online. Delight your users with a familiar buying experience

Making Buying Easy For Everyone

Bringing consumer shopping-familiarity to your procurement experience

Customised Catalogue

Govern each team, department, or branch's procurement with dedicated, tailored catalogues.

  • Create, maintain, and publish catalogues, stress-free.
  • Manage access of users to catalogues created 
  • Unify suppliers and catalogues in a single platform and provide your users to a consumer-like shopping experience
  • Reduce data entry with predefined vendor items, pricing and other information
Company Catalogue
Accelerate Approvals ADAM

Accelerate Approvals

Speed up your approval process with email and mobile approvals

  • Design approval flows up to 5-tier that suite your organisation needs 
  • Automated approval workflows based on amount thresholds
  • Automatically set approvals to go to a senior approval when purchase is above set value. 
  • Options available to  withhold approvals from progressing to next tier approvals until previous hierarchy approvals are fulfilled 

Track Orders

Track order status, approvals and related document on one dashboard 

  • Company-wide order view for delegated admins
  • Conveniently manage all financial documents (invoice, purchase order, etc) for easier financial auditing.
  • Track delivery status easily through the main dashboard
  • Raise Goods Received (GR) note once fulfilment is completed 
  • Report and document fulfilment issues with a click of a button
Track Order on ADAM
Guided Buying

Guided Buying

Providing you an easy procurement process with a user-friendly catalogue that brings you a consumer shopping experience and a guide that automatically brings you to the right goods and services from your preferred vendors to save time.

Empower your company to make the right decisions by maximising savings through contract savings, accurate category management and visibility on your company’s expenditure through our built-in analytics system. A digitalised route that will connect you to your approvers automatically, with reminders to avoid costly delays.

Preferred Vendor 

Guide users to select from preferred supplier, and purchase with contract terms (price, minimum order quantity)

Easy Comparison

Compare prices, lead time and minimum order quantity across different vendors for the same item

PO Compliance

Enforce a "No PO, No Purchase" policy by integrating it as part of user's check-out process

Mobile Approvals

Approve anywhere & anytime, access and approve purchase requisitions at your fingertip

ADAM approval on mobile

Analytics & Reporting

Real time access to spend and consumption items 

Customise reports using a wide range of criteria, date range, departments and much more
Generate reports within one click to graphs, csv or PDF format

ADAM Spend Analytics

Improve adherence to contracts and policies as your buyers shop across a vast supplier network and use intelligent shopping tools to offer a truly seamless purchasing experience.

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