Quarterly Product Newsletter Q1 2022

Q1 2022 sees the opening up of Businesses

           Over the last 3 months, the team here has been extremely busy adding new significant features whilst improving the platform based on real feedback from our clients. We have deployed 19 times over the last 3 months (a mind-boggling weekly pace) and we still feel there are just so many more things that we can do to improve our client lives!

           Notable upgrades worth mentioning are:

    • We are now even more fully integrated with XERO accounting software across both the PO & Bill module, further streamlining the activity across closing POs and preparing for payments.
    • Our Approvals module now has an added Out-of-Office feature for approvers, which means approvers can appoint a Relief Approver whilst they are away.
    • We now have the Advance Payment feature for POs, allowing procurement to request for prepayments ahead of closing the POs
    • Our Requisition Analytics BETA has been launched, allowing you to measure how much time we have saved you across your approvals and closing process!
    • Our detailed History Logs across the platform are starting to take shape, and will continue to improve throughout this year. This will further enhance transparency & compliance making it easier for all users to remember what they last did.
    • All emails will now show your Company/Billing Entity Logo – we figured what better way to improve uptake of digitalisation of your users by having your company logo!

           Q1 2022 was a quarter where countries were adjusting & opening up to the new normal and Malaysia is also now officially opening the borders from 1st April 2022. Hence the team here are all looking forward to Q2!

           To another great quarter ahead!


Co-founder & Head of Product

ADAM upgrades in Quarter 1, 2022

General / Dashboard
  • New widget for My Requests
  • Improve UX of user being logged out due to timeout
  • All emails now will show client company logos as part of the template
Dimensions / Fundamentals
  • UOM list is now configurable
  • GL Codes now have other Account Types (Fixed Assets, Direct Costs, Overheads)
  • Tax rates are now configurable
Requisition Module (RQ / PR / PO)
  • Can further upload documents even after RQ/PR/PO is approved
  • Item Name character limit is now configurable
  • Attachments upload/deletion activity history is logged
  • Detailed History Logs now available


  • RQ status can now be Closed
  • Can see related PR Links
  • Company RQ table is now Flexible
  • WIP status now available


  • PR Item CSV download available now
  • Branch/Delivery Address Code field at Item level & PDF
  • Special permission to revert Closed status back to Approved
  • Feature to multi-select PRs and bulk change status
  • General improvements to Company page filters
  • WIP status now available


  • Feature to allow open PO dimensions to be Edited
  • Feature to email POs directly to Vendors with 1-click
  • Direct XERO linkage from ADAM POs to XERO’s PO / Bills (one-click)
  • Feature to search by Submission Remarks


  • Feature to allow creation of Advance Payments of open POs
  • Advance Payment listing with status for Finance use
Goods Receiving (GR) Module
  • Goods Received Closing of a PO at Item level
  • Partial Quantity Closing(to deploy in Q2 2022)
Approvals Module
  • Out-of-Office feature that allows Approvers to appoint a Relief Approver while they are away.


  • Further improved UX of Approver setup


  • Approvers who are requestors, the approver information will still appear on the PDF
Products & Catalogue Module
  • Further improved UX on creating products
  • Categories are now linked to PR Product creation
MyVendor Module
  • Detailed History logs now available
  • Filter Vendors by assigned billing entity
  • Activate Vendors as tax registered & select default tax
  • Can invite Vendors into a company’s Vendor portal


  • Vendors can see & download POs received from clients
  • Vendors can upload invoices / DNs relating to the POs – this will be reflected on ADAM
User Management Module
  • History Logs for User Details
Roles & Permissions Module
  • Each permission has now a tooltip explaining what activating each will do
Requisition Analytics Module (BETA)
  • Pareto Analytics (Items / Vendors)
  • Approval Lifecycle
  • PO Closing Lifecycle
  • PR vs PO Savings

PROCURE (Vendor Management) Modules

  • Further improved UX


  • Contract pricing changes logs are now visible to users

Budget Module

  • To be integrated with the Requisition Module (Q2 2022)


XERO Accounting System

  • End-to-end integration of PO module and Bill module in Xero
  • XERO integration configuration section

Upcoming in Quarter 2, 2022

  • New widget for My Requests
  • Improve UX of user being logged out due to timeout
  • All emails now will show client company logos as part of the template
Vendor Portal(1)
  • Vendors can see processing status of their POs (Pending Verification > Verified: Pending Payment > Paid)
  • Vendors can create their own products to be linked with ADAM clients for contract pricing

(1) This may be subjected to reprioritisation due to majority feedback from clients and updated research