Having User License Limitations In Existing Softwares?

Unlock More Possibilities With Seamless Integration with Unlimited User Licenses

Discover ADAM's Integration Solutions

ADAM empowers you by seamlessly connecting your procurement data to any ERP or accounting software via our open API integration without the hassle or long expensive implementation timeline

Open API Connectors

Seamlessly connect with other software solutions through hassle-free open APIs

Client-Centric Requirements

Tailored integration solutions to meet your business' unique, and complex requirements

Extend Across Your Business

Extend digitalisation transformation to fully encompass the whole organisation

ERP Integration

What Would Integration With ADAM Solve :

Manual Requisition Submission + Approval
-By allowing all users access to ADAM Requisition module (unlimited user license), Procurement team is able to set-up Requisition Forms configured to replicate company policies
-Different Requisition Forms can be assigned to respective users with guided information entry; reducing error in submission
-Approval can be done digitally with document attachment & audit trail (eliminate risk of missing documents, buried requests, or unclear request status).

Manual Consolidation of Requisition
-Multiple requests can be consolidated through ADAM Requisition Module without having to manually consolidate requests from departments or companies (eliminating possible overlooked requests).

Department Representative
-With unlimited user license ERP Customers no longer need to funnel all requests to department representatives.
All users would have access to initiate Purchase Requisition following the approval flow configured by the Administrator.

Re-entry of Data (PR > PO)
-Approved Purchase Requisition can be directly integrated with ERP accounting system; reduce data entry and eliminate human error in inputting data into ERP.

A Seamless Integration Experience

Expand your business' capabilities by synchronising all of your data seamlessly

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Supports Variety of File Types

ADAM supports a variety of file types for incoming and outgoing documents.

  • CSV: Delimited flat text file
  • HTTPS: Secure hypertext transfer
  • XML: Structured document standards

Fits Perfectly Into Software Stacks

Effortlessly connect ADAM with all your day-to-day business solutions.

  • Accounting solutions (Xero Accounting)
  • ERP Solutions
  • Finance Softwares

Swift, Inexpensive Integration

Quick, inexpensive integrations with your business solutions

  • Simplified and seamless integration via open API connector
  • Reduced integration challenge with cloud
  • Free your IT team's time up to focus on core initiatives

Integrate with your current systems

Easily connect your ADAM with your essential tools - ERP, finance software, accounting systems, etc

Synchronise all procurement-related data across your business solutions through ADAM's open API connector.
Eradicate manual processing work and human errors with integrated automations.