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"ADAM has enabled us to streamline the whole manual PR creation & approval process to issue a PO, from weeks to days. More than 95% in time saved." 
-Senior Director Group Procurement-

  • 1,000 users now have access to a digital Requisition Form
  • Digitalised the entire 8 tier approval process
    No missing documents as all approvals are tracked digitally
  • Automated the PO issuance
    PR information is directly translated into the PO.
    Requestors have direct access to their PO document and need not wait for Procurement anymore
  • Centralised Vendor database
    Procurement now has visibility of the same vendors that were previously stored across silo billing entities. ADAM centralised the vendor database, allowing better vendor management
  • Streamline PO closing process & documentation
    Requestors can immediately upload Supplier invoice & delivery notes into their POs for Procurement & Finance to review as part of the 3-way matching


Impacting the Logistic Industry

  • Digitalisation of manual Requisition Forms
  • Digitalisation of manual Approvals
    No missing documents as all approvals are tracked digitally
  • Automatic PO generation
    Remove manual creation of PO in accounting system from excel PR forms
  • Ease of Vendor document upload & archiving
    All requestors can access ADAM to upload the vendor invoices & delivery notes (DN) into the PO, in preparation for the 3-way matching process
  • Streamlining the 3-way matching process
    PO, Vendor DN and Invoices are in the same place, allowing Procurement/Finance to conveniently start the 3-way matching process

Retail Outlets

Implemented a franchising model across the region that went live

  • ADAM a single seamless platform : this allowed us to catalogue and digitalise marketing items, outlet products and consumables on a single platform. Franchisee’s can now easily request items digitally while adhering to group internal processes and compliance requirements.
  • This has benefitted the outlets to better efficiency and bottom lines through improved time cost efficiency and allow Group level to assist to negotiate with preferred vendors through a consolidated purchase model. We now have greater visibility and transparency on outlet spend.
  • Supplycart is a partner that has worked closely with the team in implementing successfully not only a system but also improved existing flows and processes across our business 

Property / Mall Management

"ADAM enabled our group to streamline the manual PR & approval process to issue a PO, from 1 week to 2 days. More importantly, this saved everyone time from administrative tasks to monitor multiple approval memo folders that were sent around & record logs."
-Senior Manager, Group IT-

  • ~100 relevant users now have access to a digital Request or Purchase Requisition Form
  • Digitalised the manual approval memo process
    No need for respective departments to administratively track on log books where approval memo folders are located in the approval process.
    No need for office personnel to physically courier documents between locations for approvals
  • Automated the PO issuance
    POs that were manually generated & repeatedly approved are now automatically translated from an approved PR, saving time on repeating approvals
  • Streamline PO closing process & documentation
    Purchasers can upload Supplier invoice & delivery notes into their POs for Finance to review as part of the 3-way matching
  • Enabling the same team to do more
    Allowing the current team to now efficiently manage more requisition activity

Health & Wellness

"ADAM has enabled us to standardise & control orders across more than 50 clubs. This has resulted in time & cost savings and reduced paperwork."
-Procurement Manager- 

  • Time saved by automating manual activities so the procurement team can focus more on strategic activities
  • Improved Spend Visibility
    Real-time insights on the different branch location spend, budget and consumption
  • Manage & Monitor Vendors Easily
    Visibility of all vendors’ fulfilment statuses per club, contract pricing on a single platform
  • Scale Procurement’s Efficiency Up
    Time saved from manually creating POs, rectifying human errors, and data consolidation between teams have allowed procurement to focus more on strategic matters


Implemented a regional internal Purchasing solution utilising SAP ARIBA which went live.

  • One of the Post-Go-live functionalities of ADAM was the punch-out catalogue: this allowed suppliers to integrate their catalogue to SAP. End users can now easily procure items while adhering to our internal approval processes and compliance requirements.
  • Supplycart is currently our only supplier that is successful in integrating an end-to-end punch-out catalog in our testing environment.
  • Throughout the integration and testing period, the Supplycart team were quick in setting up test data, meticulous in integrating ADAM with SAP and Ariba, and proactive in resolving technical challenges, whilst collaborating with our IT team in Shanghai.

Key Benefits To Our Clients

Achieving Time Cost Efficiency & Improved bottom line to increase economic impact

Improve turn around time with an easy-to-use seamless procure to pay platform with vendor portal and integration capabilities