Your Office Party Checklist: Chinese New Year Edition

Chinese New Year is around the corner and the Supplycart team is excited to spend it with our loved ones over the public holiday and ring in a new Lunar New Year.

We bet your office is festively decorated with lanterns and other adornments that are in red as you gear up to celebrate Chinese New Year with your colleagues.

Bless Malaysia for having many cultural celebrations as it allows us employees to host office parties!

If you are hosting a Chinese New Year celebration in your office once everyone comes back from leave, you may want to have your office party checklist ready and on hand and tweak it for a CNY twist this Lunar New Year!

Checklist item #1: Food

Yee Sang is a Chinese New Year must-have when it comes to food. The combination of multiple shredded ingredients signify auspicious symbols of prosperity and abundance.

The best part about having a Yee Sang platter before diving into your CNY celebration in your office is the toss. And we all know that the higher the toss, the better and more prosperous it is!

Don’t forget to say your wishes for the new year amidst tossing the now combined Yee Sang ingredients to express your hopes for the brand new year!

Prepping a full Yee Sang platter can be a lengthy process that involves a lot of shredding and cutting since it has many components. Save the hassle of preparing Yee Sang for your office party by placing an order for a platter delivered right to your office party venue!

Checklist item #2: Entertainment

How to make this year’s Chinese New Year office party an extra special one? Host a lion dance! It’d be a total crowd pleaser that will leave your work neighbours envious.

Lion dances are more than just a customary form of entertainment during the festive period. Similar to the above mentioned Yee Sang, a lion dance is highly symbolic of courage, stability and superiority.

Lion dances can also steer away negative energy and spirits so you’ll be starting the new year on the right foot!

Checklist item #3: Gifts and ang paos

All the single non-married employees rejoice as you’ll be getting your ang paos from your married co-workers!

A great gift you can share among your colleagues are gift hampers. Chinese New Year themed gift hampers containing your festive favourites from the classic pineapple tarts to dried fruit, honey and premium tea.

If you’re looking for a more traditional gift as a token of appreciation and prosperity you can never go wrong the CNY essential: mandarin oranges!

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