Top 5 Office Must-Haves for Working Dads!

Father’s Day is just around the corner and Supplycart is giving an ode to all working dads out there by listing the top five office essentials according to top five Malaysian company founders!

What better way to start planning gifts for your working dad by gaining an insight on what these entrepreneurs have to say about their office must-haves!

1) A Chair

Ah the good old chair,  an essential piece of furniture for work (unless you prefer sitting on the floor, but hey whatever makes you comfortable).

Nadhir Ashafiq, founder of, a platform for customers to conveniently book a lorry for their moving needs says his chair is his favorite office item.

According to Nadhir, his chair is so comfortable and has soundproofing capabilities since he can pass gas without no one else noticing! Thanks for sharing and err, oversharing Nadhir!

2) A Whiteboard

Every visionary needs a whiteboard (and a whiteboard marker as well as some dusters to complement it). The founder of, Effon Khoo claims his office must-have is a whiteboard because he needs it to write about “world changing innovations, employee-engaged collaborations, power-of-dreams and more”.

While we’re excited to see what Effon means by “more”, we won’t be surprised if we found out, an online platform for all your HR management needs started from ideas jotted down on a whiteboard!

3) Drinks

Who would’ve thought drinks would make the list, but when you think of it water is a basic need in life. While the usual mineral water may not be your cup of tea, other beverages such as coffee or milk may be well stocked in your office pantry, for some like Amos Chong, the founder of Humble Beginnings Cakes prefers a can of coke.

Amos says his office must-have is the fridge to be filled with coke. Not only coke is a great refresher for the hot months that beckon in Malaysia, Amos says he needs a can of coke in hand to celebrate! And by the looks of how delicious Humble Beginnings‘ famous mille crepe cakes are, we couldn’t think of a better beverage to accompany their best sellers than  a can of coke!

4) Bean Bags

Who wouldn’t want to jump in and settle into a comfortable bean bag? While they may appear informal in a corporate setting, we’re sure many employees would prefer cosy bean bags filled with expanded polystyrene for their weekly team meetings that could often last up to an hour.

Clarence Leong, the founder of EasyParcel, an online platform for seamlessly easy parcel delivery reiterates how comfortable bean bags are by claiming the giant bean bags at the EasyParcel office are so comfy that it makes him feel like he’s at home!

While we spend most of our weekday hours at work, why not work in comfort right?

5) A Laptop Stand, Notebook and Pen

Since Jonathan Oh is the co-founder of Supplycart and technically the “father” of our small team, we decided he could choose more than one office essential! Jon’s first office must-have is a laptop stand which is not only practical for long hours of typing but also has health benefits! Who would’ve known? According to Jonathan, if it wasn’t for his laptop stand he would’ve develop carpal tunnel syndrome by now!

As for his notebook and pen, Jon says it’s his personal must-have because that’s where he jots down all his plans and ideas!

Supplycart would like to wish all working dads out there a Happy Father’s Day! For a convenient ordering experience, check out the “Request Quote” feature on our website where you can easily request for a quotation! It’s as easy as the following steps:

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