Supplycart Ventures into Education!

Supplycart has stepped foot into the education industry by being the official supplies partner of Acton Academy Kuala Lumpur’s inaugural Children’s Business Fair! It was inspiring to see kids aged 6 to 14 go through a six-week entrepreneurship journey (or E-ship for short) as they learned about real-life business skills such as surveying, product testing and even cost overheads!

Most of us at Supplycart weren’t exposed to such skill sets until we were way past the ages of 6 to 14 and we couldn’t be more proud of what these young Eagles showcased at their 18 booths on June 17th 2017, Saturday.

Get to Know Acton Academy KL and the Children’s Business Fair!

Acton Academy KL began in  July 2016 with the goal of nurturing independent learners and building a learner driven community, so that our children can find their calling to change the world in their own special ways.

Acton Academy KL has since encouraged peer-to-peer learning, where the young Eagles would teach one another to create a learner driven community. Acton KL is the first out of the Americas, where it originated from Acton Austin, US.

With the three learning covenants of “learn to learn“, “learn to do” and “learn to be“, Acton Academy KL wishes to influence the Malaysian education scene, one child at a time, to develop the habit of asking questions, exploring creatively and thinking critically.

This alternative schooling method has an interesting way of guiding their Eagles, for instance in the weeks leading up to the Children’s Business Fair, the Eagles went on an E-ship (a simpler, and fun way to say entrepreneurship!) Quest where they visited different “islands” which gave them an understanding of how to develop a business. Take a look at the E-ship Quest map below:

Photo credit: Caryn, co-founder and Elementary School guide at Acton Academy KL.

What a fun way to instill the entrepreneurial spirit at a young age!

The crowd at the Children’s Business Fair getting ready to be intrigued by the business ideas the Eagles executed! (Photo credit: Suresh Kumar)

With Supplycart playing a role as the official supplies partner for our first educational event, we’re glad the visitors of the Children’s Business Fair had a good time learning about the incredible ideas and products made by 6 to 14 year olds!

From cookies, to perfumes and even a VR experience, we bet the judges had a tough time deciding which business was the best!

Our CEO Jonathan putting his thinking cap on while he judges the Eagles’  business booths.

Supplycart’s Role in Education

Supplycart couldn’t have been happier to be the official supplies partners for our first ever education event. Supplycart helped ActonKL source & manage the printing of buntings, flyers, t-shirts, caps & event gifts so they could really focus their attention on the children’s fair.

Education is an important area for Supplycart to focus on due to the necessity of stationery for school children. Similar to our #workhappy concept, we’d like to advocate #learnhappy where students and teachers can enjoy seamlessly easy stationery being supplied to their schools so students can continue to learn and most importantly find their passion and calling, as Acton Academy KL champions so strongly.

With the British International School Kuala Lumpur and the Julia Gabriel Center being a few of our education customers, we hope to aid more schools in the future with our excellent customer service!

For more on Acton Academy Kuala Lumpur, visit their website to learn more about their learning philosophy here.

If you are in the education field and you need assistance in procuring your supplies, Supplycart is the platform for you to do so.

With over 20,000 products and services catered towards businesses and education centers, we hope to make things at the workplace easier when it comes to procuring your essentials.

Enjoy hassle-free procuring today and start your journey towards making your workday an efficient one!

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