Office Lunches Just Got Easier and Yummier!

Are you and your colleagues bored of eating the same, predictable lunch at your office desk every single work day? You might want to consider trying out office catering.

Amp up the yum factor during your office lunches with catering. Catering your office lunches has a lot of perks and we’re not just limiting them to the menu variety.

If you’ve had corporate catering before, you’re probably aware of some of these catering advantages. Supplycart is here to help you enjoy these catering perks:

1) The burning question of “where to eat?” can be answered

What’s the toughest decision to make in a typical day at work? It is “where to eat”. It’s close to impossible to get a consensus of where and what your colleagues would like to have for lunch. It often leaves the initiator who announces “guys, lunch time!” hanging without an answer for quite a while.

With catering, the answer to every employees’ burning question can be answered instantly. No more wondering where’s your lunch destination! You just eat what has been ordered which is usually a variety of dishes that’s able to suit everyone’s taste, even the pickiest eaters in your office!

2) Catering is a great complement to meetings

Meetings can often run for a long period of time and lunch breaks are essentials for both attendees and the person who conducts the meeting. As a person conducting the meeting, your attendees will not only appreciate the lunch slot you included but also appreciate the awesome catering menu you ordered.

3) Catering lets you plan ahead of time

Aside from planning your lunch menu, catering also allows you to plan your lunch budget for your office. Imagine how happy your CFO would be when he or she finds out you’ve stayed within the team lunch budget that they set. Since catering allows you to choose the number of pax, and the menu items before hand, you can easily customize what you choose to fit into your company’s budget.

4) Catering is hassle-free

Let’s face it, sometimes lunch time brings about unnecessary stress and needless costs such as parking fees. Even looking for parking at the peak hour of lunch time is a tough feat and you will take a couple of rounds just to find an empty. With catering, you don’t have worry about all that!

All your lunch needs will be set up in your office and all you have to do is dine with your colleagues.

5) It makes planning for office events easier!

Your work calendar may be filled with more social office related events such as a colleague’s birthday, a casual lunch with your department or even celebrating the wonderful number of festivals Malaysia has like Deepavali, Raya, Chinese New Year and Christmas!

Organizing such events may contain a long checklist from booking the venue, to making a guest list and making an itinerary. Catering will make your checklist shorter food will now be checked off your list!

We take our mantra of “full bellies, happy minds” seriously because you need fuel to #workhappy. Supplycart can cater to all your catering needs. Choose from our wide cuisine options today. With Chinese, Malay, Nyonya, Thai and Western cuisine options to choose from, you and your colleagues will be spoiled for choice! We even offer menus catered to occasions and festivals like Raya catering and Christmas catering.

Easily book your desired catering menu by choosing the number of pax, the time and date of when you would like to have the food catered as well as the location (yes, we do deliver to areas in the Klang Valley that are apart from your office!).

All menu items are MeSTI and Halal certified.

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