Intern Diaries: “Hello, this is Supplycart”- The CS Intern

It was just a whole new experience throughout the 3 months of journey working in Supplycart which carried so much memories that will be long lasted. As a Customer Service intern, I learned to answer all the incoming calls on the first week of my internship. I remember that every time when the phone rings, I was screaming internally. I’m very afraid that I’ll screw up the call and produce an unhappy customer. But luckily I have an awesome supervisor, Carmen! She always trusts on my ability, I feel honored about this and this helped me to build up my confidence as well as stay motivated.

In Supplycart, I have to wear a lot of hats, from answering calls to making sales calls, preparing quotations and researching on companies. While this can be quite challenging especially in the initial stages of the internship, but I believe this intense exposure is one of the best ways to grow into an efficient worker, learner, and critical thinker. The dynamics of Supplycart has given me exposure to great learning opportunities from communication, people skills, and adaptability even up to the extent of supporting the development of CRM skills through online courses.

Everyone in Supplycart has an ever-growing pile of responsibilities and tasks without nearly enough time to address all of them. However, this doesn’t mean that there is a lack of focused attention on the interns. Surprisingly, I’ve realized that the co-founders are actually more than happy to consistently go out of their way to mentor us and provide a robust internship program. For example, the CEO himself planned a breakfast catch-up session with the interns, provide a role-play sales training every Thursday and even invited me to join a meeting with the client! This level of dedicated attention and involvement is a true blessing, and I hope to take as much advantage of it as possible.

My favourite thing about working in Supplycart is the people. Even as an intern I’m treated the same way like a full-time employee, and I don’t feel any kind of politics or hierarchy in the office. Besides working, I had a lot of fun in the office! We have Frisbee and indoor workout session every week, thanks to the organiser plus my workout partner, Mariah!

I also joined the after work Karaoke with the amazing perks!

The relationships between employees and superiors are much more elaborate and friendly which makes me more excited to come into work everyday. They will also have heartfelt surprise for everyone birthday, which just goes to show that the company care about you as much as you care about them.  

Another thing I love about the company is how open it is about everything. We have weekly all-hands meetings, so I able to know what is happening in every aspect (product, marketing, sales, etc.), and even if I don’t understand something I was always more than welcome to ask and somebody will explain it to me. I am grateful to be working with warm and bright people in Supplycart that still shine even through stormy days. #workhappy

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