[Behind the Scenes] Our Bubbly Intern – Mabel Woo

About three months ago, I finish my big exam. To my surprise, I got a job offer from Supplycart. I was happy because at that time I also looking for a temporary job to fill up my free time while I wait for my results. It was a great opportunity so why not?

It was so nerve-wrecking on my first day, it was my ever first time working in an office and I was here not sure how they were going to take me in as the new intern. I entered the office feeling anxious. As I sat down at my designated sit, everything was uncommon. I was not used to the surroundings. Thankfully, my colleagues were the first ones to approach me. When lunch came around I sat down with my new co-workers, and they quickly alleviated all of my fears (these lunches turned out to be one of the highlights of my day). The best part is that I know that I can still reach out to them at any time and they will be there to help me in any way that they can.


Day by day, I get to learn something new. Week by week, I get some challenging projects to do and I will have to redo it if does not reach up to my supervisor’s expectations. That is something everyone will have to go through during his or her internship. Task given can be very mind-boggling at times. I learned how to have fun with my team and immerse myself in their company culture. I worked on their Operations Team a.k.a Make-It-Happen Team. I’m in the OPS team so basically it is the team where we do everything. My job was to do product research, find sales leads, and create the company wide process flow, which I had to interview everyone from different department.


In a career, just as in life, there will be plenty of things that won’t be perfect. Being and staying positive is key to making the most out of any situation. Just so you know, I was known as the hyperactive, happy little pill of the company. Even tough there were days when it is tough, when your boss decided to load you up with tons of work, just a put a smile and ‘just do it’. At such a young age (I was the youngest in the company) as I am right now, I think it is important to be ambitious and strive for the best, but also take each opportunity as it is and remain positive. The best thing about my internship was the nature of the work and great, versatile, and diverse employees that I got to know.

My favorite thing about working at Supplycart was the people. Everyone in the office welcomed me with open arms. They were incredibly supportive of me throughout my experience there, answering all of my questions and offering help even when I did not ask for it. Thank you guys for the wonderful experience at Supplycart.

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