[Behind the Scenes] A Fish Enthusiast Intern – Kenneth Mun

It was an exciting day for me to prepare my first day of internship with Supplycart. I woke up early and dressed in formal attire as I thought this would be the usual dress code for any company. I arrived half an hour early and when the rest of the Supplycart’s team arrived, I greeted them and introduced myself. As my supervisor, Emi walked in the office, she was surprised that I wore formal attire as we could all get away with smart casual attire. I was surprised too when I heard we do not have to punch in or out as long as everyone came in during working hours and we know each other’s whereabouts.


In addition, I was pleasantly surprised with all the food and beverages that was stocked up in the pantry. I thought I could lose a little weight during my internship but I ended up gaining weight. Not just gaining weight, but I’ve gained more fishes to my collection at home as well. As a fish enthusiast, I bought a fighting fish as an office pet. All my colleagues are pretty excited about our new office pet and with that, I’ve gained a new nickname in the office, “kam yu lo” (in Cantonese).

Working in Supplycart brings more fun than stress to me and Supplycart being a new start-up company, I am able to learn a lot and acquire different skills and knowledge from my colleagues. I was rotating in different department throughout my internship here, hence, that brings different exposure and experience. This paints me to a clearer picture on how each department works in a company and from that it allows me to multitask from time to time.

I’m glad that my colleagues are friendly and willing to guide me on completing difficult tasks as everyone is being treated the same way regardless of position and age. This makes me feel appreciated and valued as I am being treated as part of the Supplycart’s family.

Apart from that, my supervisor, Emi, a marketing genius, has taught me a lot of marketing techniques and strategies used in our marketing campaigns that I did not learn in college. She is an extrovert as she is an outgoing and energetic person who always fills the office with fun and positive energy. Without her presence, the office is dull and silent. Thanks to her for giving me this opportunity to learn and experience as an intern in Supplycart.

It is exciting and fun working in Supplycart as we have ‘Lunch & Learn’ session on every Friday. Everyone will have lunch in the office while learning. For instance, the latest ‘Lunch & Learn’ was about Excel from our CFO aka Excel Guru, Julian. Our CEO, Jonathan always guides and helps us whenever we encounter problems and difficulties. He treats everyone like his family as he always said that we are his “assets” and Supplycart is nothing without us working on it.

Besides that, I manage to improve my communication skills when dealing with customers on call as I can speak confidently to customers about Supplycart. I also learn to understand how the purchasing and delivery process works in Supplycart. I am able to manage and take charge on our monthly event,  Office Invasion in the other corporate offices.


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