How to Keep Your Fruits & Your Employees Happy?

At Supplycart we believe that fruits are an essential part of your pantry. Why? Because healthy eating at work can improve your employees’ concentration, mood, energy levels and self-esteem. Which automatically affects you as an employer; happy employees are productive employees and isn’t that what matters most to you?

On top of that, companies can lose a lot of money on sick leave. Did you know you can actually calculate how much unplanned sick leave costs your company? And, what were the losses? Ready to fill that pantry with fruits?

How to keep your fruits fresh in the pantry? And what fruits fit my companies needs best? This week we consulted with our internal fruit expert on these questions. And combined this in figure 1: 

Figure 1: How long & where to store your fruits?

To enjoy your fruits to the fullest, we need your help! Since we can deliver your fruits exactly how you want them, the only thing you need to do is share this with us. Therefore, keep these facts & questions in mind while ordering fruits:

  • Do you order on a daily or weekly basis?
  • Do you want your fruits ready to eat or spread out over the days?
  • Do you want customized fruit packages?
  • Curious what your customized fruit package will cost you, or any specific wishes? You can request a quote!
  • Weekly deliveries contain a mix of ripe and unripe fruits, which keeps you settled for the whole week. Unless you want this changed, of course, our Account Managers are happy to help you in deciding on the best mix we can deliver you.
  • When you receive your fruits on a daily basis, you will find your fruits ready to be eaten. If you have a preference of unripened fruit, do let your Account Manager know.

Fruits are healthy, but what is your favorite one? Let’s see if you can choose after considering the benefits:

And decided which one to go with? You can find these healthy snacks on our website here

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