Intern Diaries: Back Home -Eng Wen Hau

2 Months have passed and it only feels like 2 weeks working in Supplycart. From knowing little knowledge about marketing to experiencing working in the marketing department in a B2B procurement company. I still remember the moment of joy when I received an interview invitation from Rebecca in my university dorm in Shanghai. As a Malaysian, I’m really happy that I’m able to work and spend time with my family at the same time during my winter vacation holiday.

In Supplycart they follow a project and team management method which is called ‘SCRUM’ where we have a weekly ‘sprint’ and daily stand up which gives everyone a clear vision on what they are working on and some adjustments can be made as a team which I think it’s really useful for a company.

Daily Task

Working in Supplycart my daily task mostly includes marketing communication, content creation, marketing research and social media planning. From editing long term video project to creating social media content weekly. I had lots of fun doing all these works as it opens up the creative side of me. Other than that, my job also includes preparing for conferences events such as YYC MOU Signing and Base Conference which Supplycart won the start-up fight club pitching competition.

Fight Club
Johor, Malaysia

Things I learned in Supplycart

The main thing that I learned in Supplycart is the importance of Team Communication. In Supplycart they maintain an open communication culture whereby problem can be solved at the least amount of time.

My Current Role in Supplycart as a Marketing Intern allows me to learn and sharpen on:

  • Marketing strategic planning
  • Social media management
  • Content creation
  • Adobe software skills
  • Internal communication skills
  • Marketing research

Apart from that, my supervisor, Rebecca, and Mariah have taught me a lot of marketing techniques and strategies that I would never learn in class! Rebecca a digital marketing genius who is super good at observing graphic errors and Mariah a content writer which is super good at observing grammar and wording error. With the combination of both in Supplycart marketing department I truly learned a lot in different aspect in the marketing field! Thank you for the amazing guidance!

Memorable Experience

Working in Supplycart brings lots of joy into my internship journey. From discovering new lunch places around the office area to having yoga classes in the office. I can say that I’m lucky enough to have my internship at the starting of the year which Chinese New Year is happening where we had our company dinner and open house from Jonathan the CEO of Supplycart.

Lunch Session at TropiKiri!

I would definitely miss the lunch session, birthday surprises, and yoga session. And I would mostly miss the amazing pantry at Supplycart!

Working environment

I have to say that Supplycart has one of the best employees in the world, viewing from a cozy working environment, friendly colleagues and good working culture. Although Supplycart is still a start-up company I can say it has a pretty decent environment for all the workers here! Everyone in the office welcomed me with open arms and they are really supportive and caring even though I’m new here and I’m super grateful for it!

I’ll like to thank Supplycart for giving me the opportunity to work back home. Also, for all the colleague for guiding me and treating me equally in the real working environment. Lastly, I want to give a huge shout out to Mariah and Rebecca for being the best supervisors!

Last Day in Supplycart 🙁

I wish for the best Supplycart and all my colleague in the future! Keep in touch!

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