Employee Gifting: Extraordinary Benefits & Ideas!

The act of gifting is an underrated element of employee engagement.

Employee gifts aren’t just good mementos for safekeeping, they also provide other benefits to your business.

The benefits of employee gifting

Employee gifting benefits both the employee as well as the employer, especially when it comes employee retention.

Here are 3 benefits of employee gifting:

Benefit #1: Increase in productivity

Giving recognition to employees can come in many forms including verbal praise, promotions and appraisals and employee appreciation events which often have small tokens of appreciation as gifts.

A little recognition and appreciation goes a long way as studies have shown employees who feel appreciated can be up to 50% more productive.

Benefit #2: Lowers turnover rate

According to the Wall Street Journal, “awards and recognition are the single most cost-effective way to maintain a happy, productive workforce”.

Content employees contribute to better employee retention hence lowering the overall turnover rate in a company.

Benefit #3: Boosts employer branding

The competitive nature of the job market impacts both job seekers and employers.

Establishing the right compensation and benefits is just one portion of attracting the top talent to your company.

Having great company culture through employee engagement initiatives and employee recognition programmes which involve gifting is also key in attracting the top talent, especially with the new generation of job hunters.

Employee gifting 101

It’s become clear that employee gifting garners plenty of benefits for a business and its employees.

As a one-stop platform for office solutions, Supplycart is your go-to source for employee gifting.

Many perceive employee gifts as customary items that come in goodie bags, when in fact, there are plenty of creative ways to incorporate gifting.

We’ve broken down employee gifting ideas into accessible categories based on its objective

Gifting objectives

When it comes giving gifts, we’ve all heard the expression “it’s the thought that counts”. This applies to employee gifting too.

The main question you should ask before giving any gift is: “is it meaningful to the person receiving it?”.

A big gifting misconception is the more expensive the gift, the better the gift.

That’s not necessarily the case as a gift’s relevance to the recipient is more significant than its cost.

Employee Gifting Ideas

Company specific

Company-specific gifts are anything that has your company brand on it. This can be your conventional t-shirts, lanyards, notebooks and mugs.

Another term for company-specific items is “swag”.

Why company-specific gifts are perfect for employee gifting

A sense of belonging is an important element to make any employee feel welcomed and comfortable at work.

Company-specific gifts gives everyone the chance to be welcomed and represent the team they work so closely with. It’s also the perfect item to make an employee feel proud of where they work.

Personalized stationeries, drinkware and apparel can help create uniqueness to a company specific gift

Gifting idea you’ll love: customization

We’ve all seen shirts, mugs, stationeries and plenty more items that have a company logo on them, so how do you go the extra mile to add exclusivity to your company swag?

The answer: Customization

Customization adds a personal touch to company-specific items that are usually uniform in design.

Make an employee feel special by including their names the next time your order your company swag!

Additionally, personalizing your company-specific items will help in avoiding employees from mistakenly taking an item that belongs to another employee.

Commemorative gifts

Celebrate both professional and personal milestones and festivities with commemorative gifts.

Why commemorative gifts are perfect for employee-gifting 

The goal of commemorative gifts is to make a person well, commemorate a special event.

Any employee will surely appreciate the thoughtful gesture of a fellow colleague celebrating an important milestone of theirs and the many festive celebrations Malaysia has to offer.

Gifting idea you’ll love: festive and non-festive gifts

It’s common to think of our cherished business relationships during festive seasons and significant milestones such as work anniversaries, births, store openings and many more.

There are also other professional related occasions worth remembering like National Bosses Day and Admin Day.

Celebrate these occasions with premium gift hampers suitable for any those important events whether its a common festive season or those occasions to celebrate a fellow colleague!

Awards & Recognition

Recognize the efforts and achievements of the individuals in your team with special awards.

Why awards & recognition are perfect for employee gifting

What better way to acknowledge someone’s hard work and effort than recognizing it.

Having a physical award is a great way to for the recipient to be reminded of how all of their hard work paid off.

Gifting idea you’ll love: fun, non-conventional awards

Normally, awards are given out in the form of certificates or trophies. But if you want to step outside of the box you can incorporate other items such as snacks and stationery.

Incorporating humour and puns into common items like snacks can be great mood boosters for the recipient and a chance for the sender to express their creativity.

Check out these genius ideas by other employees who’ve cleverly used puns in the snacks given out to employees as awards:

Photo credit: Pinterest

Photo credit: Pinterest
Photo credit: Pinterest

Showcase your creativity while appreciating your employees with a creative award. Get their preferred snack and put on your creative hat by coming up with a fun award!

Cash Equivalent Gifts

Cash equivalent gifts are store valued products such as vouchers and gift cards.

Why cash equivalent gifts are perfect for employee gifting

Cash equivalent gifts are the safest bet if you aren’t sure of what to gift an employee.

It gives the recipient the luxury and freedom to choose what they desire to purchase with their gift vouchers.

Gifting idea you’ll love: vouchers for everyday use

Most gift cards and vouchers available for gifting are those which are commonly used by your employees such as Starbucks gift cards, cinema vouchers and Aeon gift vouchers.

By getting vouchers for everyday use, you’re able to help the recipient save a decent amount of money for their everyday spending.

Show recognition and appreciate your employees with employee gifting today!

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