Easy Ways to Stay Healthy in the Office

It is common for many to find themselves living a sedentary lifestyle once they transition to the workplace.

You get caught up with inevitable deadlines, events, and mamak sessions that take up a block of your schedule. Keeping up with your health when working is no joking matter, and routine exercise and recreation may be a privilege that is hard to get.

Here’s a few practical yet easy ways to get your health fix in the office:-

1. Invest in a fitness tracker

It is very easy to lose track of time when you are focusing on work and not so much on your daily activities. So how do you stay motivated? Strap on a fitness tracker and monitor it every few hours.

If you are cooped up in the office and have only taken a hundred steps by noon, it is only fair that you make a quick walk around the office to stay active at work.

2. Splurge on salad packs

Got a busy week ahead? Before you get into it, grab a few packs of pre-washed, ready to eat salads. Stock up your pantry with a couple of salad dressings and you are ready for a healthy meal without sacrificing a full hour out at lunch.

3. Control your snacking portions

Snack-sized packs make it easy for us to limit how much we eat in a sitting. For a more eco-friendly alternative, prepare small containers so you will be able to measure the amount of servings you have instead of eating straight out of the bag.

4. Grab some whole foods

How do you know if the food you eat is any good? A simple way to gauge this is to avoid snacks where the ingredient list reads like a chemistry experiment. Stock up instead with fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and granola.

5. Grab some tea

Need your caffeine fix? Tea makes a great substitute without the unwanted calories. Some say that tea has more caffeine per serving as compared to coffee, and that it provides a steady distribution of energy throughout the day. This ensures you don’t work with a buzz and crash by the end of the hour.

6. Shake it up

The office freezer is not just for ice cream. Freeze packs of berries, bananas, and leafy greens for a superfood-packed snack. With a simple blender, all you need is a few seconds to empty the bag and create a healthy yet filling beverage in a few seconds.

7. Don’t forget breakfast!

Ah, breakfast! The most important meal of the day. Start your day with breakfast and don’t skip it! Breakfast helps your body recharge after an overnight fast, enabling you to be fully energised and focus on your work.

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