A Virtual Internship

As an international student pursuing my degree in psychology, my internship with Supplycart was part of this exhilarating journey. I once pictured my weekday mornings to be frantic with me skipping breakfast, rummaging my closet to choose the perfect outfit for the day, and storming out of the house to catch a ‘grab’ or the train to get to work. However, unexpectedly a pandemic that shook up the world made me settle for a virtual internship that I did from my home country.

Getting Started

I began my internship with slight dejection because working from home meant that I’d be missing out on small things such as commuting to work, working in an office environment, meeting colleagues in person, team lunch and office celebrations, that are integral for a complete work experience. Still, my virtual internship with Supplycart turned out to be an incredible experience of withstanding challenges at a time of crisis.

Marketing & Sales Teams at Daily Stand-up Session

Experiential Learning

I was glad to do my internship with Supplycart, Malaysia and enjoy the privileges of working from home. The entire experience was truly enlightening on several aspects. As a marketing intern, my role primarily centered on creating relevant content. So, I learnt and practiced marketing techniques such as writing and designing content for targeted audience in various formats (blog articles, info-graphics, PDF booklets, and short videos), creating social media posts and organising webinars to promote the company’s services. Webinars were a great way to build brand awareness and organising these events were highly collaborative, giving me the opportunity to interact, plan, and support other teammates.

Supplycart’s Zoom Webinar on June 24, 2020

Content writing involved a lot of research on various procurement topics e.g., procurement compliance, vendor management etc. and a firm understanding of what the company has to offer. This was when my research and writing skills from doing various assignments at the university came in handy.

As someone with almost no background in business, I got to learn business/procurement terminologies such as tail-end spend, maverick or rogue spend, spend visibility, quotations, purchase order (PO), and supply-chain etc., which were also some interesting basics of the business. Also, as a psychology student, this internship was a wonderful opportunity to see the psychology in marketing. Marketing techniques involved leveraging several social and cognitive psychology concepts such as selective attention, confirmation bias, information gap theory, principle of reciprocity and many others.

In this internship, I was exposed to website and blog management as I used WordPress for posting marketing contents on the company blog and website. I gained an understanding of web analytics as I monitored blog traffic, reach and engagement of social media posts, and observed website visitor behaviour using the Hotjar tool. So, I could always easily check whether and how my content marketing efforts were working! Understanding viewer behaviour was important to make constant improvements to the website, blog and marketing materials.

I just felt glad to be part of this digital age as several online tools and softwares helped bridge the distance and reach my goals during the internship.  I was introduced to collaborative tools such as Trello, Slack and Whereby to effectively coordinate, discuss and share task progress daily. Content management system/software application (WordPress), customer relationship (ActiveCampaign), social media management platforms (Hootsuite) and other websites or applications e.g., Eventbrite, were initially new to me, but over time I was using them extensively for marketing tasks.

Online Collaboration/Project Management Tools

I liked the SCRUM framework that the entire company works on. I think it is a great system that enables effective collaboration at the interdepartmental and intradepartmental levels by having members working in sync, reflect on individual and team performance every week, identify issues, make improvements, appreciate, motivate, plan together and achieve goals.

The Dream Team

I have to say that working with the entire marketing team i.e., Munira, Ringin and Rebecca was delightful. They were so friendly, accommodating, supportive, motivating and professional at the same time. My supervisor – Rebecca, a cheerful and affable person, always had good things to say to me and gave lots of feedback (positive and negative) on the content I produced. She was super encouraging, welcoming questions and made me constantly improve on the areas I had to. She gave me the opportunity to explore and experiment at times. I was able to exercise my creativity and try things that I was not familiar with e.g., I did video editing for the first time. During my time at Supplycart I felt my efforts were recognised and appreciated that I was looking forward to work everyday.

Marketing Social Media Planning with Team

At Supplycart, the marketing team worked closely with the sales team and so, by attending the SCRUM sessions and ADAM onboarding/demo sessions with both teams, it was interesting and insightful to understand the sales team’s functions as well.

To Sum it Up

This internship has taught me some digital marketing strategies and allowed me to experience the typical workings of a marketing team in an organisation. This internship has also enlightened me on the various types e.g., social media marketing, email marketing, and components of marketing e.g., content creation, running ads on social media, SEO, analysing reach and viewer response/engagement etc. Therefore, I have developed some technical skills, improved soft skills such as business communication, teamwork, time management and gained exposure to new digital or technological tools.

Overall, this marketing internship has been an enjoyable learning experience, having gained valuable insights into B2B marketing and e-procurement. It has increased my interest in the field of marketing, and I hope to grow this knowledge and experience further.

Although I was waiting to work alongside everyone in person, it has been fantastic interning virtually. Thanks to Supplycart for giving me this opportunity at a time of global crisis, letting me fly towards my graduation!


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