5 reasons why you need fruits in your office

Adding fruits as an option to your office pantry will not be limited to boosting productivity but also make your employees happy and healthy.

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We all know fruits are filled with all kinds of nutrients that are good for health – plus, some are extremely refreshing as well. Going along with the healthier food consumption, many companies are replacing unhealthy junk food with fruits.

Certain fruits are light, easy-to-consume and packed with nutrients that make them the ideal choice for office snack. For instance, berries, oranges, bananas, kiwis, apples, plums, grapes and peaches.

Here are five of the benefits of replacing junk foods to fruits in your office:

1. Lightness

Remember the days when we had a huge plate of chicken rice or a fast food meal for lunch? Processed foods or heavy meals leads to sluggishness but it could be prevented by eating fruits. Yes, it’s that simple! Just eat a fruit of your choice before lunch and you’ll be fine.

2. Efficient digestive system

Constipation is never a good start or a good end to your day. Having sufficient amount of fibre in our body is essential in maintaining a healthy and efficient digestive system.

3. Mood enhancement

Ever want a content and happy employee? The solution may be as simple as providing them fruits in the office. Don’t believe us? The science behind this is: fruits contains enzymes and antioxidants that act as a mood enhancer in our body.

4. Energy

Ever wonder why are people giving our banana during marathon races? Fruits are a natural sources of instant energy. Consuming a fruit whenever needed will increase the level of energy and keep our blod sugar stable.

5. Alertness

Vitamins and minerals found in fruits are a good and source to help you in mental alertness and dull of vitality.

Keep your focus with a clean snack like fruits!

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