Covid-19 Resources


Strengthening Your Bottom Line During Pandemic Season

Looking to better manage your business' bottom line amid the COVID-19 outbreak? This whitepaper provides a thorough guide to help your business in analyzing current strategies and produce impactful outcomes.


  • Guidelines to building effective cost management strategies
  • Extensive overview of how you can optimize your business spend
  •  A look into focus areas to reduce tail-end expenses
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Handling Covid-19 in Workplaces 

5 Actions Employers Should Take

If your business is gradually getting back to speed, working at the office during this Covid pandemic can be daunting for you and your employees. So, ensuring safety and hygiene in the workplace should be your first priority.

This PDF is a simple guide to help you take the right steps towards your workforce safety and well-being.

  • SOP for Businesses by MOH - extracted and simplified from the official MKN website
  • Prevention Guidelines - some tips to consider
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Covid-19 Safety Measures 
For A Safer Workplace 


  • Download printable high resolution copy
  • Customise by adding your company logo at the allocated space on the top right corner
  • Print and post it at your company bulletin board
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2 versions to insert your logo: 

  • Logo in white - download this version if your company logo is in white 
  • Logo in color - download this version if your company logo is a colored version 


Covid-19: Effective Procurement Tips 

Procurement teams can face this time of crisis and add real value to your organisation by sourcing effectively.

Adopt new methods and strengthen existing ones to enhance your procurement process this season. Get more from this info-graphic available for Download here.

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Keeping Remote Teams Motivated 

In Just 4 Ways 

Now working from home has become the new norm for most employees. So, companies would need to think of ways to promote productivity while managing teams remotely.

Despite the distance, you can still set work ablaze and light productivity. Here is an info-graphic presenting four ways to invigorate your employees and make them perform their best. 

This PDF is available for Download here. 

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Keeping Your Employees Safe in the Workplace

6 Ways to Ensure Safety 

If your employees are getting back to office, it is time to equip your workplace for safe return. Making some effort to ensure good health and safety at the workplace, may help employees work in peace. 

Download this PDF for a brief yet essential guide to safety.

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