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Evolution Wellness :
Consolidating Procurement Through ADAM

Evolution Wellness is one of the largest, wholly-owned fitness club networks in Southeast Asia. Having 5 wellness brands under its belt, the business operates more than 50 branches throughout Malaysia. 

There was a need for the business to consolidate and digitalise its procurement processes and vendor management in order to have a centralised view of orders and spend across  multiple branches. Supplycart was the vendor selected to work alongside Evolution Wellness to digitalise and optimise these processes.

About Evolution Wellness Malaysia

> Set-up in Malaysia : 1995

> Total of over 50 branches managed

> 5 brands available in Malaysia - Celebrity Fitness, Chi Fitness, Fitness First, FIRE Fitness and GoFit

The Challenges

  • Time-consuming manual efforts to consolidate orders, track approvals for different brands and multiple branches
  • Procurement compliance requirement to ensure users buy the right items from authorised vendors, within budget allocated 
  • Tedious effort on multiple PO creation for multiple vendors based on different branches
  • Vendor management efforts needed to track contract pricing and track delivery statuses
  •  Consolidation effort is needed to produce spend and consumption reporting

The Solutions

Digitalising Procure-To-Pay Processes Through ADAM

  • Automated branch ordering and removed all manual effort by central team to consolidate & place orders
  • Digitalising ordering to suppliers, update of delivery status through ADAM Dashboard
  • Digitalisation and easy tracking of documents involved

Vendor Management & Consolidated Payment

  • Vendor Management : The client is able to consolidate more than 25 indirect vendors, monitor contract pricing, track delivery status and vendor reliability through ADAM 
  • Payment Consolidation : Consolidating from multiple payment points to one reduces accounts payable activities : tracking of finance documents, payment to vendors, queries of bills, etc

Optimising Purchase Order Cycle Time 

  • Matching PO Feature : Requirement of keying matching PO number before allowing successful purchasing activity enforce
  • PO management feature: Client could limit up front the monthly budget that each branch could procure

Spend Control & Analytics Solutions

  • Analytics : The client is able to gain visibility into business spend, consumption and supplier spend across more than 50 branches
  • Report Generation : Easy report creation and data download into csv format and chart type (bar chart, pie chart and stacked bar chart)

Benefits Delivered

56 hrs order time
saved monthly

Time saved in manual ordering processes and approvals of more than 60 orders averagely monthly

88 hrs data consolidation
 saved monthly 

Minimise errors and reduced data consolidation for 5 wellness brands with more than 65 users

24 hrs saved on
 finance activity

By consolidating vendors with Supplycart, the client is able to save its finance department payment management time

56 hrs saved on
vendor management

Time saved on a monthly basis on vendor contact, managing queries, manual tracking of deliveries and status

Lower Purchase Order Cost
by > 50%

Cost saved from time taken to create, process and approval of PO which translates to headcount reduction

8 hrs saved monthly in reporting & real time spend visibility

Live spend data easily accessible enabling time saved on request on obtaining data from stakeholder, process and generate different reports. 

ADAM has enabled me to standardise orders throughout my company, for more than 50 branches. This has resulted in savings and reduced paperwork.

ANITA VINCENT - Procurement Manager of Evolution Wellness


  • 232 hrs saved monthly
    Time saved through digitalising manual processes for ordering, reporting and finance activities
  • Improved Spend Visibility
    Evolution Wellness team can now gain live data on company spend, consumption
  • Effective Vendor Management 
    Vendor consolidation allows Evolution Wellness to keep track deliveries, vendor reliability, and contract pricing
  • Improve Procurement Efficiency
    Minimised errors and time saved from PO creation, and data consolidation now frees the procurement team to focus on strategy activities