Control Your Spend With 
Insightful Spend Analytics

View and manage company-wide spend with precision

Discover ADAM's Spend Analytics Solutions

ADAM collates all departments and/ or locations' spend data to deliver insightful analysis on all your business spend. 

One Platform For Maximum Visibility

Have visibility over company-wide spend data in one place, from PR to PO and invoices to make better and faster buying decisions.

Quick Access To Consumption Data

Insightful analytics on ADAM provides businesses a deep understanding of products or services consumed company-wide over a chosen period.

Monitor Spent Performance

Identify most-purchased-from suppliers, and negotiate better contract pricing for most-purchased-items with confidence.

Real-Time Analytics For Informed Buying Decisions

Leverage upon data to identify savings opportunities across the procure-to-pay process.

Spending Report

Understand all of your business spend in any way you want.

  • Analyse total spend based on set intervals— weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly
  • Dive deeper into spend data with Categories, Departments, and or Branches breakdowns
  • Generate reports based on purchase order value, or goods received value

Consumption Report

Have the visibility you need into all consumption data.

  • Detect cyclic consumption patterns
  • Provide department or branch leads insights to team's consumption spend
  • Determine commonly purchased items across branches

Supplier Report

Track all your supplier spend and purchases.

  • Identify saving opportunities from most-purchased-from suppliers
  • Pinpoint exact spend amount, and types of items purchased from suppliers
  • Uncover branches or departments' spend with each supplier

Real Time Visibility & Easy Reporting

Drive smarter decision with insightful spend data.

  • Maintain best-in-class spend data integrity
  • Visualise spend data via charts without worrying about data cleanliness
  • Utilise CSV download for advanced reporting and data modelling

Strategically manage company-wide spend with insightful spend analytics. Make informed, and quicker buying decisions with confidence.

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